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Gay Gloryhole Action with Leather Fetish

Duration: 22m, 1s, Starring Corey Cox, Dino Dimarco, Hawk McAllistar, Matthew Anders

(1 Vote)

In the mood for a ton of gay glory hole action, some stripteasing, and even a bit of leather? Well then you need to look at one of the busiest gay bathrooms ever. There's a glory hole in each one, and there's action going on in every single stall. Hawk McAllistar, Dino Dimarco, Matthew Anders, and Corey Cox all find themselves engaging in some completely naughty things back in the bathrooms, and they just love the dick sucking and even the straight up fucking that goes on in this bar bathroom. It's downright scandalous.

Cock Lovin' Cowboy Get Busy in Saloon!

Duration: 14m, 47s, Starring Dino Dimarco, Jack Simmons, Sweet Williams, Tom Katt

(2 Votes)

It's a hot time in the ole town tonight! A couple of hunky cowboys are hangin' in the local strip club while a fresh piece of twink meat gyrates on stage. But it's the action off stage that heats up right away, when the patrons turn to each other - more importantly - each other's cocks. Cocks are swallowed and sucked on like they were draft taps about to go dry - but fortunately for everyone, this is not the case. The bar is quickly turned into a mini cum fest, with geysers of thick, white man juice dripping off thick fat cowboy cocks. There's just something about a rugged cowboy with 9 inches of thick man-sausage between his lips that makes you wanna blow a load! The scene changes to a rugged and hairy beefcake handyman doing a little "sword swallowing" with a swash-buckling soldier. Both manly studs take turns wetting each other's cocks with their mouths until the police raid the party in the strip club RIGHT before cock-sucking conclusion. Ride 'em cowboys! YEE-HAW!

Hot Prisoner Taken Advantage Of

Duration: 10m, 58s, Starring Dino Dimarco, Dirk Addams, Sweet Williams, Tom Katt

(Not Rated)

Tom Katt is stuck in jail, and it turns out that this is the best thing ever for this gay guy. Dino Dimarco shoves him in his cell, ripping off his clothes and taking full advantage of how helpless he is. He starts off by stripping him down and kissing him, making him to suck his dick and work at his own cock. They are rather passionate, going harder and harder behind bars. Another cell has Sweet Williams and Dirk Addams doing the same thing, and their moans just fill up the jail with their passions.

Hot Gay Cowboy Fucking Behind Bars

Duration: 7m, 50s, Starring Mark Kroner, Troy Steel

(Not Rated)

These prison guys can't help themselves - they are so damn horny and they only have each other. They start off by rimming by the cowboy, which happens to be Troy Steel. He works his tongue up and down that hole, working it faster and faster on Mark Kroner's ass. Then they keep on going with lots of spanking and fucking and sucking. They are totally horny and great dick suckers, so if you like seeing a really good blowjob you need to watch these gay guys in action. They are as hot as you can imagine.

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