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Two Guys Bang In The Auto Garage

Duration: 36m, 50s, Starring Daryl Dominquez, Enrique Gardenelli, Evan Rochelle, Helmut Muller, Kristoff Caine

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Evan Rochelle and Helmut Muller were working on a car together. They had rubbed up against each other enough that they were getting horny and decided it was time to work the flesh tools for a little while. Evan pulled Helmut's giant dick out and tried his best to swallow it all without gagging. He got him good and hard then laid back on a the floor and let Helmut slam it home. He fucked that ass hard and deep, drilling him like he was boring out an overhead cam valve. He fucked his ass all over the shop before finally depositing his load of man batter right into Evan's ready mouth.

He Wins The Race And Gets Two Guys

Duration: 20m, 27s, Starring Enrique Gardenelli, Glenn Santoro, Jay Avedon, Mitch Golubkin, Nino Alvarez

(Not Rated)

Glenn Santoro had won the race he was in. He got a nice trophy, but what he really wanted was some cock. When he went into the locker room and saw Jay Avedon and Nino Alvarez already nude and waiting for him he knew he had found the true winners circle. He let Nino suck his dick while he stroked Jay. He stretched Nino out on a table and slammed his cock into him. He fucked him like he was still on the race track, working that ass for all he was worth. When he got tired Jay stepped in and gave him a break. When he was ready he then plowed Jay in the ass and came all over his back

Burly Gay Mechanics Getting Nasty

Duration: 10m, 59s, Starring Alfredo Castaldo, Evan Rochelle, Fredy Costa, Jay Avedon, Julio Carillo

(Not Rated)

Fredy Costa and Evan Rochelle love two things - fast cars and cocks. To help out both of their loves, they are burly, hunky mechanics - and they have no problem with fucking right in the garage, or even at the race track. Right now they're actually fucking at a go kart track, which is...well a wee bit odd, but hey - whatever works for them. Julio Carillo, Jay Avedon, and Alfredo Castaldo show up near the end of the scene to - what else - race go karts and then start in on a wild gay foursome. Now that's hot.

Five Guys Fucking On The Race Track

Duration: 31m, 46s, Starring Alfredo Castaldo, Antonio Carrigan, Eltore Valentino, Kim Walker, Kristoff Caine

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It was race day and Kristoff Caine, Alfredo Castaldo, Kim Walker, Eltore Valentino and Antonio Carrigan were ready to race. As the start time got delayed the guys were hanging out and checking each other out. Antonio made the first move when he walked over to Alfredo, pulled his dick out and started sucking it. The other guys couldn't get naked fast enough. The energy on the track was roaring as these guy sucked and fucked each other, jumping from mouth to ass to new mouth and back again. They raced like pros as they took turns sucking and fucking each other. The race ended in a five way tie with them all cumming at the same time.

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