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Jon James Massages Damian Duke Then Sucks His Dick

Duration: 27m, 55s, Starring Damian Duke, Jon James

(4 Votes)

As Jon James was rubbing Damian Duke down, Damian started making some strange comments. He was complimenting his hands and how strong they were, but then he started saying how warm his body felt next to him on the massage table and that it was nice. Jon wasn't sure, but he thought that his client might be coming onto him, so he took his towel off and started rubbing a little more of him than is customary. Damian responded by taking Jon's hard cock in his mouth and getting him ready for even more fun.

Nathan Douglas Gets To Suck Dave Paris' Big Cock

Duration: 28m, 53s, Starring Dave Paris, Nathan Douglas

(1 Vote)

It's been one of those weeks for Nathan Douglas, where every client is a buff hottie that he wants to jump. None have made any kind of indication that they swing that way, but he's got high hopes when it comes to Dave Paris. He's sweet, and kind, and his body is well toned. When he's massaging his front he notices not only is he hung, but he's getting hard too. While he's got him on his back Nathan drops his drawers and starts letting his hands go further and further down the small of his back getting ready to finger a little ass.

Two Hot College Guys Having Gay Sex On Massage Table

Duration: 24m, 48s, Starring Damian Duke, Lex Blond

(2 Votes)

Damian Duke was not expecting a new guy at his local massage parlor, but he has high hopes that this young lad knows what he's all about and will oblige him his pleasures of the flesh. Lex Blond actually took this gig especially for the extra cocks he got to suck on the side. The spare cash is nice, but what's even nicer is that they generally suck his cock too. So when Damian reaches out to grab at his Lex is more than happy to let his towel fall away and let the hot young stud take his cock in his mouth.

Hot Sexy Gays Enjoys Fucking Each Other

Duration: 23m, 29s, Starring Jon James, Lex Blond

(2 Votes)

Jon James has found himself another client that wants nothing more than a blowjob. He went to school for a long time to learn how to do massage properly, but what he really should have done was learn how to apply a little lotion to one area, and then focus on what he's heard it called as happy endings. Since that's what the client wants he drops his towel for Lex Blond and the two of them start to rub their cocks before he hops on the table on top of Lex and they start to sixty-nine to get things started.

Handsome Tattooed Stud Anal Slammed By His Massage Therapist

Duration: 25m, 32s, Starring Daniel Rossi, Nathan Douglas

(1 Vote)

When Daniel decided to go to this massage parlor, he was just expecting a therapeutic massage. However, it turns out that big cock massage therapist Nathan is intent on giving him full service! Whilst Daniel is lying face down, Nathan strips off, revealing an incredibly large dick as he starts to massage Daniel's shoulders. When Daniel spins around to have his front done, he is shocked to see Nathan's huge erection poking straight at him! The two studs take turns sucking each other, and then Daniel, who looks like quite a dominant stud with his sexy tattooed is, spreads his legs and takes it in the ass from his hung massage therapist.

Sean Deacon Enjoys Riding His Twink Boyfriend Marek Zamoyske

Duration: 26m, 7s, Starring Marek Zamoyske, Sean Deacon

(5 Votes)

Sean Deacon has been trying to get his squash partner to come back to his place for a shower for weeks, but can't seem to get his point across. Finally Marek Zamoyske figures out what Sean means by shower and they start meeting up on a weekly basis for more than just a little play with tiny balls and rackets and get some more intense cardio in. Back at Sean's place they get pretty hands on right away, and there's no stopping them once they've begun. Shirts and sweaters fly off and they start making out.

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