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Native Tongues

The Boys Go Away For Some Hot Gay Play

Duration: 11m, 56s, Starring Marcio Rosa, Ricky Pese, Wilson Florida

(Not Rated)

Ricky Pese, Marcio Rosa, and Wilson Florida love to get away for a sexy excursion. They pack the plane up with their belongings, and huge cocks, and head off for a jungle getaway. It doesn't take long after crashing before these horny hunks start sucking and fucking at a campsite. Ricky and Marcio aren't concerned that Wilson is missing after looking for help, they just want to ream each others' tight ass. Cocks get sucked hard and butts get rocked until these cute guys jack out some messy hot loads of cum.

Guys Get Sucked And Fucked By Tribe

Duration: 21m, 9s, Starring Alex Junior, Bruno Montepiano, Marcio Rosa, Ricky Pese, Wilson Florida

(Not Rated)

Alex Junior and Ricky Pese may have taken a wrong turn or two on their jungle excursion. Meanwhile, their buddy Wilson Florida has been seduced by a couple of natives from a nearby tribe. His punishment is oh so bad, the natives tie him up and let him watch their horny fuck session with his hands tied. You know he'd love to get in on this one, or at least stroke his cock, but Marcio Rosa and Bruno Montepiano won't allow it. These two crazy painted up fuckers are both packing huge hard cocks and they fuck, suck, and milk each other to messy hot cumshots.

Captured Male Fucked Hard In His Asshole

Duration: 13m, 52s, Starring Alex Junior, Wilson Florida

(Not Rated)

Things are looking dicey for this white stud as he is captured by a Native American and imprisoned. He is thrown into a filthy straw hut and his arms are bound so he can't escape. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, a big dick Native American stud comes in, pulling away his bonds and teasing his penis in to the white guy's mouth. Luckily, the Caucasian male is an eager cocksucker and loves brown cock and it's just the kind of thing that he would seek out in his daily life - he sucks really enthusiastically! Knowing that his life depends on it, he doesn't resist as the Native American slips fucks him in his ass brutally.

Well Built Gay Tribesmen in Threesome

Duration: 16m, 26s, Starring Alexandre Ryan, Bruno Montepiano, Marcio Rosa, Sergio Apingora

(Not Rated)

I have to say right off the bat that I fucking love the scenario for this scene. I have never seen this type of gay porno done before, and there is something so goddamn hot about seeing their tribal sexual desires rise. Well it also helps that every single guy in this scene is built hard as a rock, and is wearing practically nothing even before they get naked. It's like National Geographic gone wild, and Sergio Apingora, Marcio Rosa, and Bruno Montepiano are all too happy to show you exactly what's going to happen.

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