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No Condom Zone

Latin Gay Men SUck and Fuck Each Other

Duration: 17m, 52s, Starring Diego Villalobos, Helios Dean

(Not Rated)

Sexy Latino gay men get together for some hot intimate sex. With a whole lot of tongue and heavy petting they kiss and fondle each others, stripping down to the buff on their way to the bedroom. They grab a hold of each others cocks jerking them off to get them nice and hard. One guy goes down on the other, holding on to his own cock at the same time. After lubing up the boner he bends over to take it deep in the ass. They move around the bed, hanging upside down off the edge of it then climbing on top of it to finish each other off.

Two Gay Men Fuck a Little Twink

Duration: 18m, 32s, Starring Jason Vee, Lazlo, Scott Jasper

(2 Votes)

Three gay men sit naked on a couch, they don't bother with kissing or any foreplay but get right down to business. Two guys lean over and give head, using their hand to jerk them off as they kiss, lick and suck on a cock each. They switch partners so that guy has had a turn getting his knob polished. Wanting more, one guy mounts another from behind and fucks him as he tries to concentrate on giving head while getting pounded. the one guy gets used and pleasured by both gay men stretching his mouth and asshole wide open.

Gay Men Kelly and John Swap Cum

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring John Youngcock, Kelly Breeze

(Not Rated)

Kelly Breeze and John Youngcock don't waste anytime, they get naked right away so that they can unrestricted access to each others hard shafts. Jason wraps his warm pink lips around the head of John's dick and slowly lowers his mouth, taking it deep inside his mouth. Holding on tightly with one hand he pulls the cock towards his mouth the jerks it slowly back and forth. Laying in front of John, Kelly takes his young cock into his shaved asshole. When he turns over onto all fours, John grabs him by the hips and pounds him harder. After a good fucking, John blows his load in Kelly's mouth only to have it dripped back into his own.

Kelly Breeze Fucks Jason Vee's Ass Hard

Duration: 14m, 36s, Starring Jason Vee, Kelly Breeze

(Not Rated)

Kelly Breeze, skinny young guy is getting fondled by sexy blond Jason Vee. As Jason hold the base on Kelly's cock he uses his warm mouth to polish his knob then moves his hand down to cup and stroke his shaved balls. Making sure his cock in well lubricated Kelly turns Jason around so he can mount him from behind. The skin smacks together with each thrust of his hips. Lying side by side Jason lifts a leg in the air before putting his feet on Kelly's shoulders for some deep penetration. Jason finishes him off by sucking the cum right out of his cock then swapping it with a wet kiss.

Two Studly Gay Men Get Hot And Heavy

Duration: 18m, 36s, Starring Lazlo, Scott Jasper

(Not Rated)

While making out on the couch sexy studs Lazlo and Scott Jasper are fondling each other and working their way out of their clothes. Once naked the studly brunette with longer hair leans forward and gives the crew cut guy a blow job. As his cock gets long and hard he jerks it off faster, moistening it with his warm wet mouth. Laying down spooning, with a wet dick he rams it into the tight asshole of the other guy. Treating him like a dog turns him on even more, pounding him harder and faster then laying him down, lifting his ass up and fucking him unitl he is ready to explode.

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