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Sexy Gay Hunks Meeting at Lakeside

Duration: 17m, 36s, Starring Gary Foggerty, Sean Ross

(Not Rated)

There's nothing quite like a quiet, romantic lake to get your dicks hard, and Gary Foggerty and Sean Ross find themselves meeting up at the local lake hotspot. They are both on the hunky side, although completely hairless, and they are very into each other. You can just feel the sexual chemistry between these two - they have no problem showing their affection for each other, and they also love sucking each other's dicks all day long. They are just too cute to resist, and end up fucking in the bright sunlight.

Hitch Hiker Pays For His Ride With Anal

Duration: 17m, 3s, Starring Greg James, Paul Manchester

(Not Rated)

It's every man's fantasy - you're driving along a secluded country road and you see an extremely good-looking man hitching. You can't help but compare his extended thumb to the clear bulge in his tight blue jeans! The two guys in this clip cruise along the road, pulling off in to a secluded clearing to get to know one another. They lay out a blanket, sharing and joking around with one another before they tear off each other's clothes and get down to business! It's difficult to say whether the oral or anal is hotter; on one hand you have hot 69 action, whilst on the other you have ass licking and butt pumping sodomy action!

Cocksucker Fucked On The Side Of A Road

Duration: 14m, 23s, Starring Karl Harris, Mathew Davis, Sean Ross

(Not Rated)

This horny cocksucker is cruising along a country road when he sees a broken down car. You can only see a pair of legs - complete with a nice bulge between them - working underneath the broken down car. He pulls over to help, but rather than saying hello, he greets the man by pulling down his pants and sucking his thick cock! It's a huge dick - even larger than it looks underneath the pants! Soon the repairs are forgotten as the cocksucker gets led to the side of the road and fucked in his ass. As he squeals and rolls around in the dirt, his ass virtually gets torn apart by the big dick as it thrusts in and out like a machine.

Two Scared Guys Ass Fucked By Alpha Male

Duration: 15m, 10s, Starring Alex Wintermute, Derek Evans, Jim Hall

(1 Vote)

In this hot scene, a couple of shy homosexuals are walking through the forest. They have both got on a bright green T-shirts, all the better to blend in with the vegetation as they're stalking their prey. These two cowards, too scared to approach their man directly, are following a rough looking woodsman. Just as they set up their equipment, he turns around and snaps them, chasing them through the woods. They flee in terror back to their cabin, but the man follows them right in, jumping on top of the two scared young men and fucking them hard in the ass! This rough alpha male won't take no for an answer - he wants to try both asses!

Mail Man Sucks off Big Dick Stud

Duration: 11m, 58s, Starring Henry George, Sean Ross

(Not Rated)

Now this is a delivery that you would love to get - Sean Ross is dressed up in a mail man's outfit, and he goes around back to find Henry George stroking his cock on the back porch. This guy is just loving working his dick up and down, wrapping his hand tight around his cock and going wild. He's also in the mood to start sucking off this sweet dick, so he leans down and starts helping Henry out with his masturbation session. He ends up bending Henry over and giving him what he really wants - a nice stiff mailman dick.

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