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Office Boys 1

Chubby Office Worker Pooch Has His Ass Mercilessly Reamed

Duration: 12m, 6s, Starring Pooch McGee, Shadow

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This has got to be every sexually frustrated office worker's wildest dream! Balding middle-aged stud Pooch is working at his computer when suddenly the door bursts open. He is shocked to see masked alpha stud Shadow standing there looking evil in his black leather pants and gloves. He pulls Pooch away from the computer, shoving the chubby stud down onto his knees and fucking him right in the mouth. Then, binding Pooch's hands together, he pushes him face first against the wall, spanking his pallid white ass before he fucks it hard and rough. Pooch moans in fear and pleasure as his ass gets mercilessly reamed by the masked stud.

Pooch Gets Dirty In The Office With A Hot Guy

Duration: 11m, 14s, Starring Junior, Pooch McGee

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Now that they have started sucking each other off at lunchtime, it's become a regular thing and horny older studs Junior and Pooch miss it if they don't do it! In this video the guys hook up in the computer room while the rest of the employees have gone out for their lunch break, getting completely naked except for their underwear, socks and shoes. Why is it that people always leave their socks and shoes on during these hardcore fuck movies? The guys take turns sucking each other off, kneeling submissively in front of each other and blowing each other to bursting. It's so satisfying towering over your blow job partner while he sucks you!

Horny Older Studs Swallow Each Others' Sperm In Server Room

Duration: 9m, 23s, Starring David Marx, Junior

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It's a God damn wonder that any work ever gets done in this dirtyoffice! Balding, conservative looking stud David looks like a completely asexual guy, or perhaps someone who spends all day jacking off to internet pornography. However, he is working in the server room when he is visited by equally boring looking stud Junior, who uncharacteristically pulls his cock out of his pants and sticks it into David's mouth! With the door still open - anyone could walk in at any moment - the risk-taking studs go down on each other bareback, deepthroating each other's hard poles and then spurting in each others' mouths - and swallowing!

Computer Geeks Work Each Others' Cocks With Their Mouths

Duration: 13m, 15s, Starring David Marx, Junior, Pooch McGee

(Not Rated)

Productivity in the office is at an all-time low, and here is the reason why because the three resident computer geeks, Junior, David and Pooch, spend all day sucking each others' dicks! In this movie each dude gets a turn at being the man in the middle at first it is David who gets down on his knees and blows the other two men, but glasses wearing Junior and ginger Pooch also take a turn getting fucked in their mouths. These guys are completely uninhibited, stripping down to their underpants right in the middle of the workplace and working each others' hard poles until they ejaculate on each others' faces. What if someone walked in?

Matured Gays Pooch Mcgee And David Marx Find Office Place To Bang

Duration: 16m, 58s, Starring David Marx, Pooch McGee

(Not Rated)

Now that Pooch has started gaying it up at the office, he is getting everyone involved! Surprisingly it seems like there isn't a single straight dude in the office, judging by the number of butts that Pooch has fucked! Horny, overweight and balding David can't wait to get Pooch's prick in his ring piece. The two guys strip in the computer room, locking the door so that no one bursts in on their anal play. They take turns sucking each other and then David bends over at the waist, leaning over on the printer table while he takes it hard in the ass. Pooch dominantly puts one hand on David's shoulder, playing the daddy while he reams him.

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