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Oral Officers 2

Ass Fucking Cops Don't Care About Crims

Duration: 28m, 31s, Starring Joel Russel, Jose Cabrera

(Not Rated)

A good-looking police officer with a great head of hair is sitting around in the jail, reading a magazine in typical lazy cop fashion. Another strapping policeman, this time a highway patrolman, enters the scene. He has just come off duty and he need some quick release, so as the guard stands to greet him, the highway patrolman drops to his knees and starts blowing him! The guard is surprised but he's not about to complain; after he gets sick of the guy sucking his cock he bends him over a chair and enters him from behind. How can the police expect to get any respect from criminals if they spend all their time sodomizing each other?

Crooked Cop Fucks Householder In The Ass

Duration: 15m, 31s, Starring Maxwell Gonzalez, Richard Foster, Rob Louge

(Not Rated)

A police officer gets called to a domestic dispute. He expects to find a husband beating his wife, but instead he is surprised to discover that two men live in this household! In order to avoid a night in the slammer, he demands pleasure from one of the guys. While the other man sits on the couch and watches the action unfold, the policeman pushes the other householder down onto the sofa and begins to blow him! This certainly wasn't the kind of attention that this suspect was expecting, but he's not about to complain! Then the cop starts to finger the guy's bum, following that with his rigid penis, giving him a damn good ass fucking.

Three Gusy Suck Each Other On The Job

Duration: 21m, 49s, Starring Jake Russell, John Nagel, Rob Louge

(Not Rated)

Jake Russel and Rob Louge were taking a break at a job they were working. Instead of having something to drink they wanted to eat some dick so they pulled each other's thick pricks out and started stroking and sucking them. Their boss, John Nagel, came in and caught them in the act. Instead of being angry, he pulled his dick out and joined in. The three guys were sucking each other, swallowing and gagging on dick when a cop showed up. Rob knew just what he wanted so he knelt down and gave this cop some on-duty head to keep him quiet about what he was seeing.

Two Guys Give a Cop a Blow Job

Duration: 17m, 52s, Starring Jake Russell, John Nagel, Johnny Cage, Rob Louge

(Not Rated)

Officers are not always gentlemen as this cop shows us by the treatment of the men around him. With two guys on their knees in front of him, he pumps his hips and rams his cock deep down a throat. When it is his turn to assume the kneeling position he takes a cock in each gloved hand and yanks them towards his open and waiting mouth. They get him mostly naked and one guys strips off his pants and bends over on the bed, Mr Officer lubes up his boner and slides it into his tight ass, fucking his hole hard and fast.

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