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Two Cops Have Secret Sex In The Bushes

Duration: 19m, 42s, Starring Jean Pierre, Patrick Ives

(Not Rated)

There has always been a friendly rivalry between police divisions, but sometimes the competition bubbles over onto the surface and turns to hardcore cocksucking and anal sex! Two different cops, one a highway patrol trooper and the other a beat policeman, hook up in the bushes for some surreptitious sex. The beat cop has always admired his motorcycle riding brethren, getting on his knees and blowing the guy. There is some hot cocksucking both ways and then the motorcycle cop bends his uniformed buddy over and fucks him right on top of the motorcycle. The guy getting fucked jerks his own small penis in time with the deep anal thrusts.

Cock Hungry Cop Has His Asshole Filled

Duration: 21m, 13s, Starring John Whethers, Jorgen Varg

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Homosexual relationships are completely against official police policy, so these two balding bears have to keep their hot office sex a secret! The uniformed policemen kiss passionately, one of the guys having a shaved head and being more submissive while his balding partner guides him down on to his knees. The shaven headed guy sucks the dick and then pulls down his pants, hurriedly baring his buttocks and expecting a good fucking. His buddy does him hard and fast, even putting one hand over his partner's mouth at one point to muffle his groans of satisfaction! The shaven headed cop ends up with an ass hole full of hot jism.

Hot And Muscular Cop Wanks Off In Mirror

Duration: 13m, 52s, Starring Ryan Hardigan

(Not Rated)

In this steamy solo masturbation scene, muscular stud Ryan Hardigan plays an off-duty police officer. It's been a hard day at work and this guy needs to get off, plus he seems to be a bit of a narcissist! He strips off until he is just wearing his tight traffic officer's trousers, admiring his own rippling chest in the mirror. He unzips his fly and pulls out his penis, which is long and thick, with a bushy patch of pubic hair that looks extremely raw and masculine. He begins to pump his own shaft while he looks at his own reflection, fantasising about fucking some of those criminals in the butt, no doubt! There is a real mess of cum.

Uniformed Cop Gets Blown In Back Room

Duration: 16m, 30s, Starring Peter Askins, Phil Morris

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This clip goes to prove that you can't trust a policeman! In the back room of the police station, a uniformed officer has his cock sucked by another man dressed in a leather fetish outfit. The barechested fetish guy gets to his knees, swallowing the cop's penis with one gulp. This guy really is an expert at using his mouth, bobbing up and down like a true pro until his nose is buried in the policeman's pubic hair. The cop is quite a dominant fellow, smoking a cigar luxuriously while he gets blown, the other hand positioned in a fatherly fashion on the back of the horny cock sucker's head. He spunks right on the guy's chest.

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