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Paul Barresi's Marine Obsessions

Two Army Brats Having Anal In Showers

Duration: 18m, 35s, Starring Ash McKay, Hawk McAllistar, Jason Nikas

(Not Rated)

It's been a hard day on the training field, and these two horny soldiers need to relax! After the rest of the men have left the showers, these guys stay behind, and one guy leans against the wall while the other guy squats between his feet and sucks on his hard prick. This is a great little cocksucker, working the hard cock expertly with his mouth. He sucks the head, licking the shaft and then tonguing the balls. He is just bending over and having his ass fucked when a superior officer walks in. He stands in the doorway, shocked, and then yells pleasure at his young troops. These young men better suck some dick quick to get out of trouble!

Sweet Gay Marines Fucking Each Other

Duration: 8m, 53s, Starring Drew Andrew, Hawk McAllistar

(1 Vote)

Drew Andrew and Hawk McAllistar are two sexy military gay guys that love to find a quiet corner to start playing with themselves. They are both crossdressing, sporting sexy fishnet stockings. That's just the start of it, however - they start sucking each other's dicks, working those hard dongs get harder and harder until it's almost not possible for them to get any harder. Then they end up covering each other in a ton of cum, wrapped up in a naughty 69 that has them all sticky and gasping for breath.

Crossdressing Boot Fetish Gay Military

Duration: 22m, 53s, Starring Jason Nikas, Luke Walker, Paul Morgan

(1 Vote)

Okay - this is one of the more interesting gay fetish scenes that I've ever watched. First off, Paul Moran is sporting some fishnet stockings - but that's only the start of it. He's masturbating on one of his military boots, and then he gets found by Jason Nikas, who ties him up. I think that turns him on even more. Oh did I mention that he's also wearing high heels? Yeah this is a different type of scene to be sure - but it is one that is a ton of fun to watch. I love seeing them get into action and passionately kissing.

Submissive Troop Oral Fucked By Officer

Duration: 17m, 5s, Starring Drew Andrews, Jim Bentley

(Not Rated)

If you are in the army, and you screwed up, you'd better be ready to pay the price in full! This young navy private has stepped outside the rules for the last time, and now his superior officer is going to give him a dressing down. The young private waits nervously while he waits for his uniform clad superior to arrive, snapping his heels to attention when the dominant man walks into the room. He can feel the officer's distaste radiating off his person at having to deal with this lowly trash. The private is brought to his knees in order to suck his superior officer's penis, told that he better suck the cock good or he's out of the squad!

Hot Gay Navy Boys Fucking Each Other

Duration: 15m, 20s, Starring Jim Bentley, Paul Barresi

(Not Rated)

Now I'm sure every gay guy has had a military fantasy at some point or another - and it's one of the most popular themes in gay porn for sure. Jim Bently and Paul Barresi find a quiet corner of their rooms, and they start off with some gentle dick sucking. There is lots of slow sucking, caressing, and moaning - so much moaning that I'm wondering why no one checked in on them to see what the hell was going on. They get so into it that they almost lose track of time, and have to report to their stations right after.

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