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Phys-ED Butt Bullets

Sexy Cowboy Has Hot Sex in the Field

Duration: 16m, 31s, Starring

(Not Rated)

This sexy cowboy is in the mood for one hell of a sex fest back in the field. Things start off kind of tame with a hose battle between himself and his friend. They turn to passionate after that, with these two men running their hands up and down each other. Before long it's blowjob time, with these guys getting down in the grass and giving their all for a proper blowjob. Once they manage to take on that dong, they end up letting their asses get stretched open and filled with plenty of sticky jizz.

Kaden Roads Enjoys Hot Twink Sex

Duration: 7m, 1s, Starring Kaden Roads

(1 Vote)

There's nothing quite like hot twink sex in the middle of the day, especially when you were just going out for a stroll and not really expecting anything. Kaden Roads and his hot friend are going to be romping beneath the trees, letting the ground be their bed and not caring if anyone catches them in the act. These guys are all over each other, letting their cocks guide their passion. There's a rather hot gay twink blowjob that will have your toes curling in anticipation, and you'll love watching these men as they give in to their passions.

Brad Bones Enjoys Hot Gay Sex Outdoors

Duration: 11m, 55s, Starring Brad Bones

(1 Vote)

Brad Bones finds himself walking down a secluded path with his best friend, enjoying the weather and the company. He wasn't expecting his friend to get down on his knees and start sucking away at that dick, letting it slide down to the back of his throat. Brad has never had a better blowjob, and he gets weak in the knees just feeling those waves of pleasure wash over him. Before long he gets his dick deep in that ass, not caring if anyone ends up seeing them as they come down that lovely nature trail.

Stunning College Freshman Shows Big Cock

Duration: 9m, 8s, Starring Justin Plantano

(1 Vote)

Now this young guy is seriously fucking hot! Justin is 18 years old and away from home at college for the first time. Surrounded by all of these gorgeous young guys all day, he comes back to his dorm room with a rock hard erection that needs to be satisfied! It's a wonder that this young cutie can't find a horny guy to suck his cock and fuck his ass - and what a magnificent young piece of fuck meat it is! A lot of young dudes aren't packing serious power in their pants like this young stud - that is a schlong that would fill up a man's mouth just fine! He strips to his birthday suit and then pumps himself off all over his stomach.

Hardcore Gay Anal Sex After Gym Practice

Duration: 16m, 59s, Starring Cody Kucher, Lewis Cannon

(Not Rated)

Sweating and full of testosterone after gym practice, horny young gay guys Lewis and Cody head back to the dorm room for some additional cock pumping action! Lewis helps Cody take off his shirt, licking his lips as he sees his new boyfriend's flat stomach and shaved cock. There is some hot mutual oral to kick things off, with the young guys take turns blowing each other and trying to outdo each other with the cock slurping action. Young Cody leans over the edge of the bed, whimpering softly as Lewis tries to cram his enormous dong in to the other young man's virtually virginal anus. It takes a while, but eventually the whole thing fits in!

18-Year-Old College Boi Spunks On Camera

Duration: 8m, 23s, Starring Dusty O' Riley

(Not Rated)

If you like them young, you are going to adore 18-year-old college student Justin O'Riley! This young cutie has got a charming buzz cut and a toned body that will make your mouth water. He is virtually hairless, with just a small patch of pubes above his good sized cock to show his sexual maturity. He strips down in the privacy of his dorm room, lying back on the sofa and pumping himself to a full erection. If that body made your mouth water, his young cock will definitely make your eyes pop out of their sockets - it's sensational! He closes his eyes and fantasizes about sucking on hard cock as he jerks himself to a spurting orgasm.

Athletes Skip Workout For Hard Anal Sex

Duration: 16m, 15s, Starring Brad, Kaden Roads

(2 Votes)

The coach would be furious if he knew how his three star players were slacking off! He sends them off into the woods for a cross-country run, and although the guys start strong, they have soon found more enjoyable activities. In an abandoned clearing, the three young dudes strip off, running their hands and their mouths all over each others' toned, athletic bodies. Young brunette Kaden is clearly disciplined by the two other taller and older studs; he bends over at the waist, sucking on one dude's hard cock whilst the other fellow fingers his ass and then fucks it. It's super hot watching this gorgeous college boi getting done at both ends!

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