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Young Guy Takes Ass Fucking Like A Champ

Duration: 12m, 1s, Starring Michal Chloewinski, Patryk Chmielewski

(2 Votes)

At the beginning of this nasty gay anal clip, a painter paints a pretty girl while her boyfriend sits by. When they take a break, the girlfriend disappears into the next room - and the dirtypainter makes his move on the straight boyfriend! The girlfriend would be shocked if she walked in and saw her boyfriend with a mouthful of another man's cock - or even having his ass hole licked and then fucked by the sex crazed artist! The boyfriend has got a tight little ass hole and there are some great close-ups of his face as he moans in a mix of pain and pleasure as he takes the big cock ass fucking. But he takes it like a champ!

Business Meeting Turns To Threeway Anal

Duration: 15m, 35s, Starring Adam Zielinski, Jurek Maciej, Slawomir Czerwinski

(Not Rated)

What was supposed to be a productive business meeting soon turns into a morning of hardcore oral and anal sex! In future, these three businessmen need to have their meetings somewhere in public - because if you get them behind closed doors together, they just can't stop themselves from sucking each others' dicks! The guys take turns giving each other hot and sloppy oral sex, one by one and then all piling on at the same time for a steamy oral threeway. One dude withdraws his cock from one of the other men's mouths, lubing up the ass hole and shoving his schlong right inside. The other two men continue their suck job action during the anal.

Tailor Double Teamed By Two Customers

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Marek Matysiak, Patryk Chmielewski, Rafal Malinowski

(2 Votes)

A couple of businessmen go to the tailor to get fitted for their new suits. Of course, this involves providing undressing and being manhandled by the tailor, who has to accurately take the measurements. The tailor is obviously a raving homosexual, and when he is down on his knees measuring one of the guy's waists, he boldly pulls the man's dick out of his pants and starts sucking on it! This is the signal that these two business guys need, and they spend the rest of the afternoon fucking the tailor in the ass over his sewing table, their new suits completely forgotten. All they can think about is busting right in the tailor's sphincter!

Chauffer Ass Fucked By His Wealthy Boss

Duration: 9m, 15s, Starring Mariola Szeromska, Michal Gieracki, Slawomir Czerwinski

(Not Rated)

In this Euro gay hardcore movie, a wealthy businessman gets a sloppy bareback blow job from his driver and then he fucks him straight in the ass! The businessman says goodbye to his wife, and then as soon as she is out of the picture he orders his driver to his knees. It's obviously a frequent request, because the driver knows exactly what to do, unzipping his boss's pants and pulling out his nice hard cock. It's a fantastic, wet blow job, the kind that would make most men cum straight away; but this businessman is a virile alpha stud and he holds his hot jizz in until he has drilled his subordinate painfully in his tight rear end.

Hot Gay Cocksucking Threesome In Jacuzzi

Duration: 18m, 35s, Starring A Wilecki, Michal Chloewinski, Pawla Drewniak

(Not Rated)

Cocksucking, ass licking, hardcore anal sex - it's all here in this steamy jacuzzi threesome! Two dudes kick this one off by having an erotic petting session in the spa pool, kissing each other passionately on the mouth and pumping each others' dicks in the bubble bath. Just as they are getting down to some serious oral action, a third man enters the bathroom, stripping off his clothes and jumping in to the hot water with two men. He perches on the edge of the jacuzzi, cradling the other two men by the back of the head of while they luxuriously give him a superb double blow job. Then he nails both of their tight little anuses!

Hetero Dude Sucked Off By Best Friend

Duration: 11m, 57s, Starring Patryk Chmielewski, Slawomir Czerwinski

(9 Votes)

Boys will be boys! This stud gets home from an evening out with his girlfriend and his best friend. His girlfriend decides to hit the sack early, leaving the stud alone in the kitchen with his friend. With his girlfriend in the next room, the stud gets his cock sucked by his blond friend, who uses his sweet dick slurping mouth to get his buddy to the point of cumming. Then the blond friend lowers his ass hole down on the stud's pole, getting ass fucked by the virile alpha male; he could go into the next room and take his girlfriend's pussy, but he'd rather have a man's ass! He also gives his blond buddy a considerate reach around.

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