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Przygody Jarka Piegusa

Horny Stud Lowers His Ass Down On Cock

Duration: 11m, 5s, Starring Eric, Rob, Victor

(Not Rated)

This horny gay sex video is split into two separate, extremely hot segments. In the first part, good looking and youthful blond stud Rob masturbates solo on his bed while he reads a pornographic magazine. He closes his eyes and fantasizes about getting done in the ass by one of the bearly bears in the mag while he pumps himself off all over his own stomach. Then we see gorgeous hunks of man meat Victor and Eric having some hot oral; once they have got each other warmed up with some steamy 69 action, Eric gets on top of the dick, pumping his sphincter up and down on the prick in reverse cowboy. He's masterful with his nasty ass!

Office Fuck Buddies Love No Condom Sex

Duration: 9m, 31s, Starring Gaylord Focker, Lonestar

(Not Rated)

These two skinny studs are playing a dangerous game - having full on naked hardcore sex in the office with their coworkers right outside the door! Is not unheard-of to have a quick blow job or even a fuck over the desk, but having full on anal, completely nude, is definitely pushing the boundaries. However, for these naughty studs, the risk is part of the fun! The two men parade around naked in front of each other, rubbing their cocks together and then sucking each other off. Then one of the office studs bends over his desk, his ass stuck out for a deep and hard fucking. There are no condoms involved, either - they love it raw and nasty!

Hot Photographer Ass Fucked At Lunchtime

Duration: 24m, 32s, Starring Rob, Surge

(Not Rated)

Blond photographer Rob is paid a lunchtime visit by one of his good gay friends, balding and slightly older studs Surge. Rob is looking at some photo proofs when he feels his man's breath against his ear, immediately titillated by a stiffening in his pants that can't be denied. The two men disrobe, quickly getting down to business because they only have a short lunch hour in which to fuck. The guys start off with some sloppy oral sex, taking turns at licking each others' hard dicks; then Surge sits in the chair while Rob lowers his naked ass down on his boyfriend's erection, impaling himself anally on the full length of the cock.

Big Stud Demands To Have His Dick Sucked

Duration: 21m, 21s, Starring Farva Ramrod, Rob

(2 Votes)

This handsome blond stud is just waking up in the morning when he hears his bedroom door open. It's his burly and muscular weightlifter roommate - and his cock is out and it's rock hard! The muscular roommate waves the dick in his blond friend's face, ordering him to suck it - and when you're faced with a horny, bulky guy like this, you know better than to say no! The blond wraps his sweet cocksucking lips around the big dick, and then he gets bent over by the much larger man and pumped hard in the butt. There's not much lube involved, with just a little bit of spit loosening up the blond man's tight, painful ring piece.

Burly Gay Boss Sucks Off The New Hire

Duration: 17m, 11s, Starring Farva Ramrod, Gaylord Focker, Igor, Rob

(Not Rated)

If you want to get a job in this nasty office, you had better be well endowed! After passing the initial screening process, a handsome stud gets shown in to the big boss's office, where he is immediately instructed to disrobe. Then surprisingly the boss pulls the potential employee's cock out of his pants and starts to suck it! Things get even more strange as the burly, alpha male boss bends over the edge of the conveniently placed sofa, peels his ass cheeks apart and telling the new hire to do him hard in the butt! Two of the other office guys come into the room to make it a hot oral and anal foursome - there's loads of hot sperm!

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