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Sebastian Hamilton Comes Over To Have Two Mouths On Him

Duration: 28m, 5s, Starring Petr N, Sebastian Hamilton

(Not Rated)

Petr N, Sebastian Hamilton and Jaroslav Dasek have been looking forward to this weekend away for a long time. They all took precautions to make sure their wives and girlfriends wouldn't want to come along with them, making it a guys weekend away. That way once they were out there they could fuck indiscriminately as they saw fit. Once they're there, they get to work getting the cabin in order, and before they even get one light fixed they're sucking all the dick they've missed out on in the city.

Young Peet Getting His Ass Fucked In Hospital

Duration: 26m, 39s, Starring Jakub Krystoff, Peet Cardelli

(2 Votes)

Jose Scott, Peet Cardelli and Jakub Krystoff have always wanted to fuck in a hospital. They've just always thought it would be hot to be on a hospital bed and getting their freak on. So one day they all sneaked into their local hospital and found an empty room to get crazy in. Dressing up as nurses and a patient they found what ever random tools and probed they could and got to playing doctor like they'd always wanted to but never could before. After the probes were used they agreed it would be best to recheck with their cocks.

Sexy Gay Guys Enjoying After College And Fucking

Duration: 25m, 4s, Starring Alec Mrhacova, Sven Boucek

(1 Vote)

Radek Nikos, Sven Boucek and Alec Mrhacova all have really kick ass names. But what's more than that, they all went to college together where they wore those names on the back of their jerseys. They played in a number of teams together to show off all the awesome vowels and consonants that came together to make their names what they are today. They miss those jerseys, but they also miss being bad asses together. So once a month they get together at one of their pads to treat each others asses as badly as they can.

Submissive Stud Skewered At Both Ends By Two Handsome Fuckers

Duration: 27m, 3s, Starring Christian Pavova, John Swiss, Sebastian Hamilton

(Not Rated)

Young stud Christian loves being the meat in the middle of a big cock sandwich! In this intense gay threesome, he is joined by studs John Swiss and Sebastian Hamilton for some hardcore three-way fucking. Although every man gets a turn to suck and fuck in this movie, it's goatee wearing Christian who is the submissive star of the show, taking the lion's share of sodomy from the other two men. However, they are more than happy to give it to him, because he's got a tight ass, he knows how to work the dick, and he has some sexy moans as well! You'll love watching him getting speared at both ends by these two handsome, well hung fuckers.

Micky Coolio And Peet Cardelli Star In Raw Czech Mates 2

Duration: 24m, 49s, Starring Micky Coolio, Peet Cardelli

(1 Vote)

Micky Coolio and Peet Cardelli are both checking one another out at the beach when they notice the other doing the same and them come together to share a blanket and the nice hot sun. It's a nice change to meet someone hot and nice at the beach, and as they take their shirts off to get a better tan going, and then their jeans, their hands start to get a little more familiar with their bodies. Running their fingertips over chiseled abs and rigid nipples, there's a stirring in both of their loins that neither can ignore.

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