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Raw Meat 2

Quad Bike Hoons Rub Their Cocks Together

Duration: 8m, 31s, Starring Emilio Sands, Leo

(3 Votes)

This clip begins with two good-looking guys, Emilio and Leo, going for a ride on their four-wheel quad bikes in the desert. As they speed through the dunes, shouting and cheering as they perform fantastic jumps, the excitement causes the blood to rush to their penises! As they stop for a break in the shade of a sand dune, they collapse onto the sand next to one another, tearing off each others clothes. They rub their hard cocks together, with one man developing the head of the other man's penis with his long foreskin, and then there is some steamy oral sex. One guy keeps his goggles on while his buddy blows on his face!

Paul Morgan Pleasured By Two Ethnic Guys

Duration: 26m, 39s, Starring Dirk Adams, Paul Morgan

(Not Rated)

At the beginning of this hot clip, blond gay stud Paul Morgan enjoys watching two gorgeous young ethnic guys kissing and fucking on the couch. However, he has to be involved in any anal action that is going to happen, launching himself onto the bed in between the two guys. He ends up getting ass fucked by one of the men, impaling himself on the dick while he sucks the other brown skinned boi's cock. At the end of the scene, Paul lies in between his two ethnic boyfriends and they all masturbate together, obviously aroused at the sight of the big cocks bristling mere inches away from each other. Wouldn't you love to be in the middle?

Paul And Dirk Steal Some Raunchy Bathroom Sex

Duration: 16m, 40s, Starring Dirk Adams, Paul Morgan

(1 Vote)

horny cop Paul Morgan is on the rampage! Late one night he finds a luscious young dude, dude Dirk Adams, already horny in a doorway. He arrests the young dude, showing him absolutely no leniency. He holds his arms roughly behind his back as he yanks down the younger stud's pants, briefly probing his booty. As the poor young fool begins to regain his senses, he finds himself trapped in a public toilet by the dominant cop and starts sucking on his shaft. The punishment doesn't end there, as xxx man Paul buggers young Dirk like crazy, bending him over doggy style and then lifting him up onto the filthy toilet counter so that he can look him in the eye.

Young Latin Guy Emilio Squeals Like Pig

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Emilio Sands, Paul Morgan

(3 Votes)

Veteran gay stud Paul Morgan is known for his rock hard and muscular physique, and also for being an experienced seducer of young men. His victim for the day is Latino stud Emilio Sands, an extremely good-looking young dude. He looks a little bit nervous and geeky as he sits on the couch next to Paul, but he doesn't hesitate to pull down his pants and show off his tight buttocks and small dick at the prompting of the muscular stud. Surprisingly, the oral goes both ways, with Emilio sucking Paul first and then vice versa. Emilio assumes the position on the couch, sticking his butt out for a deep ball ass fucking. He squeals like a pig!

Horny Studs Have Hot Ass Fuck In Shade

Duration: 9m, 5s, Starring Dirk Adams, Paul Morgan

(Not Rated)

There's no mucking around with boring introductions in this short and to the point fuck scene. It's a hot and sunny California day, and these guys decide to celebrate the good weather with some hardcore anal! They move onto a deck chair that is partially in the shade, with one guy assuming the doggystyle position and sticking his ass out to get fucked. His more dominant buddy slides in behind him, spitting on the ring piece and sliding a finger in to make sure that it's loose enough to fuck. It feels good around his finger - hot, moist and tight - just the kind of thing you want to stick your penis into! This is some great gay anal!

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