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Raw Meat 3

Weightlifting Buddies Like Anal Sex Too

Duration: 23m, 2s, Starring Paul Morgan, Tiger Woods

(1 Vote)

This all-American gay clip begins with two muscle bound studs, one blond and one black guy, working out in the same room. They strip right down naked, showing off their rippling bodies to one another and then pumping some iron. Part way through a set of bench presses, the white guy shoves his cock into his slim black companion's mouth, letting him suck and pulling him into a dirtysex work out! The white guy is quite dominant over his black companion, holding him firmly by the back of the head and throat fucking him until he gags. Later on, the black dude gets bent over the weight bench and rammed hard in the ass.

Army Recruiter Buggers His New Recruits

Duration: 24m, 47s, Starring Duncan Mills, Paul Morgan, Tiger Woods

(2 Votes)

This rough and tough army recruiter won't take no for an answer! At the beginning of this clip he is interviewing two hot young guys, one black and one Caucasian, for potential inclusion in the army. However, they have to pass both the physical and the practical before they will be allowed to serve their country! Pulling off his own clothes, the recruiter orders the surprised young men to strip. He inspects their bodies with both his hands and his eyes, and then orders the men to play with each other. They grow more and more aroused as they realise how good this hot and wet friction on their cocks feels! They both get buggered hard.

Two Hot Men Suck And Fuck Each Other Then Eat Food

Duration: 16m, 30s, Starring Duncan Mills, Paul Morgan

(Not Rated)

What the hell is going on in this dirtyarmy camp? As one of the men watches with interest, another of the soldiers cooks breakfast - dressed in a bright green bikini! The thong rides right up his ass, highlighting those tight buttocks, and when he turns around his cock and balls are clearly outlined against the tight fabric. Of course, breakfast is abandoned as the guys have some hot anal sex in the kitchen, with the guy wearing the bikini bent right over the hot stove. Keen on more action, the guys retire to the bedroom for even more hot anal sex, jerking each others' pricks and rubbing their dribbling penises together.

Post Apocolyptic Gay Outdoor Fuck Fest

Duration: 9m, 7s, Starring Emilio Sands, Valentino

(Not Rated)

Emilio Sands and Valentino have made it to the end of the world, and all they really want to do is fuck all day and night. Without anything else to do, it certainly seems like a great idea. They are outside and keep on fucking each other, finding an insanely quiet spot and then pumping each other full of their cum. They certainly don't mind maybe being the only ones left alive, and you can hear their moaning and screaming throughout the entire jungle. Now that is fucking hot, and you'll never heard them complaining about finding quiet time.

Private Masturbates While Roughly Fucked

Duration: 12m, 58s, Starring Duncan Mills, Paul Morgan

(Not Rated)

This clip begins with a young army recruit getting up out of bed. It's early in the morning and his eyes are still bleary, and the only thing he is wearing is his camouflage cap. Just as he's thinking about putting some clothes on, an older, superior officer walks in, wearing his full military uniform - extremely sexy! There's nothing hotter than a man in uniform! This private is in for a rough morning, as he is instructed to suck his officer's bulging cock. That's not enough for this power crazed stud and he lays the younger guy out on the bed, fucking him roughly in the ass. Although it's painful, the private masturbates.

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