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This Gay Sodomite Is A Real Squealer

Duration: 14m, 56s, Starring Robert Labatt, Tamas

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Just after the start of this cross-country marathon, one of the runners sprains his ankle and has to be helped to the side of the path by another competitor. Abandoning their sporting activities for the day, the guys lay out a blanket and decide to spend the afternoon sucking and fucking one another in the sunshine. The clip begins with some excellent oral both ways including an excellent, steamy 69. The guy who sprained his ankle, who is much slimmer and more submissive than his muscular and dominating buddy, takes a hardcore butt fucking right there in the open. He squeals as his anus gets plundered by his well hung teammate.

Young Athlete Gets Two Cocks Up His Ass

Duration: 10m, 58s, Starring Blackjack, Mike Adriano, Sunny Green

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A bunch of extremely attractive young athletes are participating in a running exercise when one of them collapses from exhaustion at the side of the road. Two of his teammates stop to help him, dragging him to the side of the path and trying to revive him. When the traditional techniques don't work, one of the guys has the bright idea of pulling down the expired runner's pants and sucking him to wakefulness. To speed his recovery the other guy kisses him firmly on the lips and then rams his penis in to the runner's mouth! Once he wakes up the guys have a threesome by the side of the road, even double penetrating the poor guy's ass hole.

Young Gay Studs Can't Resist A Threesome

Duration: 16m, 13s, Starring Den Rico, Mike, Mike Adriano

(Not Rated)

It's gay threesomes all around in this excellent Latino gay fuck scene. It's straight into the action and you see one guy bent over with a big cock in his mouth while a third man is bangs him from the rear. The three guys continue like this for some time and then quickly put their clothes back on and resume the group running exercise in which they are supposed to be participating. However, they stop for a quick drink and it's not long before they resume their extra curricular sex activities! Laying out their blanket again, one guy gets spit roasted by the other two for a steamy afternoon of hot cocksucking and fucking action.

Runners Work Up A Homosexual Sweat

Duration: 20m, 15s, Starring Andrew Lennox, Mihaly

(Not Rated)

Some cross country runners finish their trek through the country, and friends Mihaly and Andrew Lennox rest at their car. They remove their shirts and take notice of one another's toned physiques, and they decide to work up a sweat of their own. Andrew kneels to suck Mihaly's hard cock, and Mihaly returns the favor by blowing Andrew. Mihaly bends over to take it up the ass doggy style, and Mihaly lays back across the hood of the car to get fucked anal missionary. The men finally blow their loads all over each other.

Muscle Bound Gay Lad Wanks Off In Shower

Duration: 13m, 10s, Starring Mihaly

(Not Rated)

This good-looking stud might have a hard, muscular body but deep down he is a submissive exhibitionist cocksucker! He begins the scene completely nude in the bathroom, showing off his rippling sixpack and a little cock. He turns his back to the camera, sticking out his buttocks and spreading to show off his ass hole. He looks teasingly back at the camera and pouts while he shows himself off - this guy is just begging for a good ass fucking from a real man with a big cock! Next you see him in the shower, where he covers his penis with lubricant and begins to stroke it vigorously. He's only got a medium-sized cock but it's really hard!

Leave Your Inhibitions at the Door: Five Man Gay Orgy!

Duration: 11m, 55s, Starring Andrew Lennox, Blackjack, Mihaly, Sunny Green, Tamas

(1 Vote)

It's amazing what happens when you mix a bunch of horny and questionably heterosexual guys together! These five extremely good-looking studs are relaxing on a couple of couches in the lounge and everyone is experiencing a gay version of cabin fever. Soon, for whatever the hell reason, the guys are inexplicably getting naked and rubbing their hard bodies all over one another. Of course, things don't stop there, proceeding to hardcore group oral and anal sex. One poor guy even takes two dicks in his ass hole at the same time! That's some serious anal stretching and you have to hope that he loosened himself up first - or else he's going to have a sore, torn butt in the morning! Each guy in the room ends up splattered with jism.

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