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Rough Guys

Submissive Anal Slut Marko Takes A Painful Ass Tearing

Duration: 19m, 36s, Starring Aco, Marko

(Not Rated)

Marko is a submissive anal slut who loves nothing more than to be disciplined by a rough, masked guy. His boyfriend Aco plays the role to perfection, wearing a red mask over his face and some painful looking studs on his wrists that really make him look scary. Marko's little cock is dribbling in his pants as he goes down on his dominant boyfriend, slobbering all over the dick until it is dripping with saliva. With the spit providing adequate lubrication for anal, slutty Marko takes off his underpants and squats down on the pole, futiley jerking his own semierect dick as he gets sodomized. There is some super rough anal in this one!

Masked Gay Fetish Studs Indulge In Some Painful Anal Play

Duration: 19m, 27s, Starring Aco, Duki

(1 Vote)

The sex life of horny gay couple of Duki and Aco just gets nastier and nastier! The guys are getting more and more in to fetish style play, with submissive Aco dressing up in a tight pair of leather pants while his dominant boyfriend wears studs and a vicious looking black mask. First Aco gets fucked roughly in his mouth, with Duki holding him firmly by the back of the head and dragging his boyfriend's face down on his pole until he is gagging and choking. Then poor Aco gets bent over, sodomized with virtually no lube as he squeals and moans. Duki is relentless - he doesn't care how much he hurts his submissive fuck slave!

Horny Gay Studs Dress Up In Leather For No Lube Anal Fuck

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Aco, Vlada

(Not Rated)

It's a special occasion, so Vlada and Aco decide to dress up in a pair of new fetish outfits for some anal! There are plenty of studs and black leather straps, and Vlada has got a skin tight hood that he straps over his face. Aco is in a submissive mood, taking his buddy's dick in his mouth and swallowing it right down to the pubes. In fact, he's such a good cocksucker that he almost gets Vlada to spurt down his throat Vlada has to aggressively push him away, grabbing him roughly by the strap around his neck and impaling him anally. Aco really grunts as he gets painfully sodomized with no lubrication - but that's just the fetish way!

Fetish Queens Fucking Throats and Assholes

Duration: 19m, 53s, Starring Erik, Vlada

(1 Vote)

Vlada and Erik were looking to spice things up a bit in the bedroom, and didn't know where to look. One of their friends sent them to a leather store, and told them to ask for any specialty products they might have. The shop keep took them into the back room, and they found a whole new world of kinky fetish fun to explore together! Neck harnesses, and studded arm bands were just the start for these two macho men! Masks, chest harnesses and the thick smell of leather now adorn their room like conquest trophies!

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