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Gay Cock Melee in the Boxing Ring

Duration: 27m, Starring Andreas Harris, Enrico Latimore, Helmut Muller, Jay Avedon, Rogerio Mateo

(Not Rated)

This boxing ring is full of some truly marvelous gay hotties - first you have Rogerio Mateo and Helmut Muller, who we are going to see plenty of later on in the scene. Then there's Jay Avedon, Andreas Harris, and Enrico Latimore. These boxers are just as hot, but sadly we're not going to see them in action. They wander off after a few minutes, leaving us alone with Rogerio and Helmut. After the match they can't resist each other, so instead of fighting with fists they end up sword fighting with their cocks.

Gay Boxer Threesome in Office

Duration: 18m, 29s, Starring Alfredo Castaldo, Andreas Harris, Emerson Moralles, Helmut Muller, Ivan Mironov

(1 Vote)

Helmut Muller and Andreas Harris have always wanted to be professional boxers - it has been their life long dream. However Emerson Moralles has an interesting way to get them to prove their worth - by sucking each other off in a wild gay 69 while he watches. He doesn't stay just a watching for long, jumping into the fray in order to slam his dick deep inside of these tight asses. Once he ends up sending them off to the locker room, his next two boxers are waiting outside to be tested - Alfredo Castaldo and Ivan Mironov.

Athletic Gay Threesome in the Locker Room

Duration: 22m, 43s, Starring Alfredo Castaldo, Enrique Gardenelli, Ivan Mironov, Kim Walker, Rogerio Mateo

(1 Vote)

Rogerio Mateo, Enrique Gardenelli, and Alfredo Castaldo don't waste much time with small talk - when the scene starts, they are on the locker room bench together, sucking each other off in a long line. Now if that isn't one truly incredible way to start a scene, I really don't know what is. They end up with two on one bench, fucking each other, while the third athletic hottie is just working away at his dick. The scene ends after they're all finished, and the next two beefcakes come onto the scene - Ivan Mironov and Kim Walker.

Hunky Hotties in Boxing Ring Threesome

Duration: 22m, 46s, Starring Kim Walker, Mauricio Roselli, Rogerio Mateo

(1 Vote)

Now this is not exactly what I was thinking of when someone says tag team match, but you know what - I think this is fucking perfect. Rogerio mateo, Mauricio Roselli, and Kim Walker all love boxing almost as much as they love gay sex - so it makes perfect sense to combine the loves together into one big, gooey, mess. They start off nice and slow, with a bit of cock sucking to get everyone's dicks nice and hard. After that, they are ready to unleash themselves, with Rogerio and Mauricio fucking in the middle, while Kim is just whacking off at the site of them.

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