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Skzola Ruchania

Horny Cocksucker Takes Hard Morning Anal

Duration: 18m, 27s, Starring Miguel, Vinny

(1 Vote)

Normally it's the little guy who is the submissive one in a gay relationship, but this time, it's the tall one who gets fucked! Balding stud Miguel is reading a magazine in the kitchen when his short but muscular and dominant boyfriend Vinny comes in, wondering where the hell his morning coffee is! Apologising profusely, Miguel gets down on his knees, swallowing the short guy's big dick. Well, it might not be a cup of coffee, but a blow job isn't a bad way to start the morning! Knowing how he can make things even more fun, Miguel bends over the kitchen counter, peeling his ass cheeks apart and begging Vinny to do him in the sphincter.

Computer Geek Anal Fucked In His Office

Duration: 24m, 47s, Starring Giles, Roberto

(1 Vote)

There's a new foreign guy in the office, and everyone wants to have a piece of his action! However, it's pale skinned, nerdy computer geek Giles who ends up getting the dick first. Roberto walks in to Giles' office, planting a sloppy kiss on his lips and then telling him to get down on his knees. Starstruck Giles falls to the ground with a crash, opening his mouth wide in ecstasy - that big cock tastes so good! Foreign Roberto strips off the rest of his clothes, his dripping wet cock pointing to the ceiling, as Giles lowers his hairy ass crack down onto the meat. Even with all that slobber, it's an extremely tight fit - it's a big dick!

Hairy Gay Anus Gets A Big Cock Plugging

Duration: 16m, 52s, Starring John, Miles, Rade

(2 Votes)

Although a lot of guys have taken to shaving or waxing their assholes, every male knows that the natural state for a man's anus is hairy - and there's something primordially attractive about a hirsute butt! Miles has got a nice hairy anus, completely unshaved and matching his thick pubic hair and hairy legs. In this vid he is the submissive fuck toy of his dominant friend John, who commands Miles to give him a hot, slurping blow job and then to bend over and get fucked in the ass. There are some fantastic close-up shots of Miles getting reamed in his butthole, the big dick plugging in and out, surrounded by the hairy anus on either side.

Hot Blow Job In Abandoned Parking Lot

Duration: 6m, 9s, Starring Jack, Rade

(Not Rated)

On the first date, twink Jack is a bit scared to be in the car alone with shaved headed badboy Rade. Rade has broken in plenty of young guys before, so he knows exactly what is required to get this twink's defences down - a nasty, sloppy blow job with plenty of spit! Jack gets more and more nervous as Rade drives him in to an abandoned, overgrown lot, parking the car where no one else can see them. Just as Jack is having fantasies of being beaten or robbed, Rade unzips his pants and starts to suck him off! Jack arches his back in pleasure as the bald headed stud gives him a superb cocksucking, swallowing all of his salty sperm.

Blond Twink's Ass Stretched By Big Dick

Duration: 17m, 34s, Starring Jack, Rade

(1 Vote)

Young blond twink Jack is playing with his mobile phone when his boyfriend, nasty looking shaven headed stud Rade, comes storming into the room. With virtually no preamble, Rade pulls his semierect cock out of his pants and slaps it viciously into Jack's cheek, demanding oral. Jack doesn't really like being treated like this, but he knows better than to resist this bad boy's advances! Jack lies meekly down on the sofa, offering up his ass to the well hung stud, who licks and fingers his anal cavity and then starts slamming him in the butt. Rade has got a really thick cock, although it's not particularly long, and he gapes Jack out good!

Handsome Neighbor Is Receptive To Anal

Duration: 17m, 6s, Starring Roberto, Simon

(Not Rated)

Horny sex starved fucker Simon has fallen in love with his gorgeous Italian neighbor Roberto. He can't believe that there can be a man out there so gorgeous - and his heart nearly melts one day when Roberto gives him the eye on the stairs! Simon follows Roberto home, watching in wonder as the fantastically good looking stud gets down on his knees and opens his mouth for fellatio. Roberto has got a sweet mouth to go with his amazing countenance, and he swallows Simon's large, erect dick right down to the base! Then Roberto leads Simon by the hand into his bedroom, lying down and grabbing hold of his ankles, ready to be penetrated.

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