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Soul & Salsa

Hot Gay Interracial Dungeon Scene

Duration: 21m, 59s, Starring Austin Black, Gene La Mar

(8 Votes)

Now I don't know if this is a dungeon for sure, but it certainly looks like that or a basement of some kind. Either way it's certainly a fun scene to watch, although it's also very very intense. Gene Le Mar and Austin Black are a very hot gay Latino pair, and the dicks they both have are mouthwatering. I would love to wrap my mouth around one of those dongs to go to town with. Instead I have to satisfy myself while watching them satisfy each other, wrapping themselves in a passionate and hot embrace.

Gay Blatino Cumming on Himself

Duration: 25m, 15s, Starring Maleko

(Not Rated)

Maleko has a big Latino dick, and he also happens to be of the darker skinned variety. You know what that means - a massive monster cock that will make your ass hurt to even think of it. He gets all alone so he can start working his cock, finding a chair to sit down on in order to start the stroking. I love watching his hand just steadily go up and down again and again - I am also amazed at just how long it takes him to cum. That guy just keeps on going and going, I can't believe it myself - but hey, I'm not going to complain either!

Hot Gay Latinos Getting Sucked Off

Duration: 23m, 9s, Starring Danny Brown, Robert Arias

(Not Rated)

Out of all of the gay men in the world, I have to say Latinos, and by extension Blatinos, are the hottest ever. If they don't have big dicks they have big passion, and they also have that accent that makes you horny right away. Robert Arias and Danny Brown are ready with their cocks, with the light Mexican taking his lips around the big black dick of his friend. I love seeing this type of action, especially when it happens to keep on going until they are ready to bend over and get fucked. You know that big black dick is going to take full advantage of his ass.

Gay Blatino Stroking Huge Cock

Duration: 7m, 55s, Starring Darrel Harris

(2 Votes)

Darrel Harris is the type of guy that you would really want to get to know - he's a big dick Blatino, and those are always worth knowing. Do you just love seeing big cock like his slowly getting worked? I know I do, and I also know that there is nothing quite like watching him get that uncut thing completely hard before he starts going faster and faster. If my dick was that big I would end up with my wrist dying on me before I got to cumming - I really don't know how he manages to do it. It's damn hot though.

Gay Latinos and Blatino Threesome

Duration: 15m, 14s, Starring Brett Norman, Cesar Blanco

(Not Rated)

Brett Norman, Cesar Blanco, and another one of their friends decide to skip work - even if their work is really building their house. However that has to wait, because these guys are so horny that they have to go ahead and start fucking right away. I don't know about you, but seeing these hotties together just makes me so horny that I want to go out and find someone's dick to suck. This is a Latino and Blatino threesome, which is a combination sure to make even the most stoic of porn watchers to cum all over.

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