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Spank Dat Ass

Dude In White Socks Gets His Ass Pumped

Duration: 19m, 8s, Starring Claudio Vega, Riccardo

(Not Rated)

Both of these guys have got on sexy white underpants, but only one of them keeps his little sluty socks on during the entire sex experience. The guy with the socks can't wait to wrap his lips around his buddy's cock, sucking the long shaft deep down his throat. Then he lies on his back, lifting his legs apart and exposing his butt hole for sex. His buddy places his hands down on his friend's thighs, spreading him wide and anally penetrating him as deeply as possible. The guy with socks on groans as his ass gets fucked deep. A fantastic cum explosion finishes the scene.

Horny Homo In Socks Gets His Ass Reamed

Duration: 19m, 28s, Starring Claudio Vega, Jeff Gilooly

(Not Rated)

These two horny guys can't wait to get naked, peeling off each others clothes at the first opportunity. They have both got on cute white underwear, and the submissive cocksucker of the pair keeps his little white socks on for the whole scene. He sucks his buddy's rigid prick, spitting all over it and paying special attention to the head, flickering his tongue around the underside. Then he bends over on all fours, sniffing his own dirty underwear as he gets plowed in his tight butt. He looks slightly comical with socks on, sniffing his own matching underpants! He gets sprayed with his buddy's cum at the end of this fantastic gay anal scene.

Three Guys Get Naked And Fuck Hard

Duration: 19m, 16s, Starring Claudio Vega, Frank Lords, Riccardo

(Not Rated)

Claudio Vega, Riccardo and Frank Lords tore off each other's clothes and got into some serious cock sucking. These guys didn't hold back as they sucked and licked each other's dicks and asses. Soon Frank was on all fours while Ricardo drove his cock into him from behind. While getting fucked Riccardo sucked Claudio's cock. Claudio got hard and let Riccardo sit on his cock and get some dick from him. He rode that cock while now sucking his ass juice off of Frank's cock, then he let both guys stand over him and blast a load of jizz all over her chest.

Cute Guy Spanks Then Fucks That Ass

Duration: 13m, 24s, Starring Dilroop Colt, Jeff Gilooly

(Not Rated)

Dilroop Colt has plenty of plans for Jeff Gilooly's ass today. He's going to start off by pushing down his tighty whities and then slapping the hell out of that ass. He ends up with bright red marks right away, showing up against his pale skin in no time. However, he doesn't leave it at just that - he wants to spank the hell out of that ass and then whip out his dick and pound it deep inside. Jeff is moaning and writhing in pleasure and pain, the combination drives him absolutely fucking wild with desire.

Hot Gay Guys Spanking Each Other

Duration: 14m, 9s, Starring Mark Urban, Reg Peters

(Not Rated)

Reg Peters is a bit of a submissive, but he doesn't often have a chance to really show off how much he loves it. Today Mark Urban is going to help him to express himself - but he does it in a way that you probably don't expect. This brunette shaved hottie starts slapping Reg over and over again, keeping at it until all you can see on that ass are bright red marks. That booty is top notch for sure, and the moaning that keeps up from that will keep you on the edge of your seat, your dick getting harder and harder.

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