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Sperm Exchange

Horny Cocksucker Sone Blissfully Slurps Down Two Poles

Duration: 19m, 25s, Starring Mateya, Milos, Sone

(2 Votes)

In this superb threesome, blond haired twink Sone gets to live out one of his wildest fantasies. He gets double teamed by dominant studs Mateya and Milos, who are intent on drilling his ass and his mouth. Sone looks like he's died and gone to heaven as the two other studs pull their pricks out, rubbing them all over his face as he blissfully opens his mouth and welcomes the schlongs down his throat. He pumps both guys with cocksucking lips and then invites them to take turns drilling his ass. Sone moans so loudly that the only way to shut him up is to stick another cock down his throat either that, or a load of sperm!

Skinny And Ugly Stud Takes Two Massive Dicks In His Dirty Ass

Duration: 19m, 53s, Starring Dado, Sasa, Vlada

(Not Rated)

He might not be muscular or good looking, but Vlada has certainly got a couple of good characteristics namely, he can take a cock in his ass or his mouth like a pro, and he doesn't require his fuck buddies to use condoms! Dada and Sasa can't wait to get their dicks right inside this dirty fuck slut's holes, sitting side by side and watching in great satisfaction as the ugly cocksucker gets to work. Once they tire of his oral warmup, the two studs spend the rest of the movie banging the screaming squealer in the ass and fucking him in the mouth. Both men cream in his throat - and then the horny cumsluts swap the loads back and forth!

Cunt Hungry Anal Slut Loves Having His Prostate Stimulated

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Andrija, Zovi

(Not Rated)

Skinny anal slut Zovi is back, gagging for a dick in his ass and his mouth. Slightly overweight blond stud Andrija is shocked at his fuck buddy's sexual appetite, looking down in amazement as Zovi grabs his thick dick and wanks it to a full erection. Zovi loves the feeling of a prick down his throat, sucking hard on the head until he can feel the precum gushing out of then he deepthroats. He's got real oral skills! He quickly pulls the rock hard prick into his tender ass, fiddling with his own semierect dick as Andrija starts to pump his tight sphincter deeply, directly stimulating Zovi's sensitive prostate with his rigid rod.

Ass Slut Bili Spits The Load Back In To His Sodomizers' Jaws

Duration: 20m, 11s, Starring Andrija, Bili, Mateya

(Not Rated)

Horny anal slave Bili just can't get enough cock in his mouth and his ass hole! In this vid he is joined by his buddy's Mateya and Andrija, who take turns pumping him in his throat and his shit hole. Bili loves being disciplined by the two guys, who are both younger and better looking where as they are youthful and muscular, Bili is going bald and losing his looks - but he's still got an experienced mouth and a veteran ass hole! The young bucks really get rough, pumping him hard and deep before they both spurt in his mouth but at the end of the movie, there is some unexpected cumswapping that really takes the young guys by surprise!

Urgent Anal Sex Is Followed By A Creamy Cumswapping Session

Duration: 19m, 57s, Starring Gebo, Milos

(Not Rated)

Some dudes are just fucking insatiable! Gebo doesn't even wait for his man Milos to take off his clothes - he just wrenches down the other man's underpants and starts sucking his dick! Milos is taken aback by Gebo's sexual eagerness, and it's as if the shaven headed man is in heat. Milos even has to tell him to slow down or else he's going to blow his load prematurely! Gebo is equally urgent with the anal sex, pulling the dick into his ass and slapping his buttocks against the meat the cock slides right in, despite being big. When Gebo get his mouthful of cum, he surprises Milos by spitting the jizz straight back in to his throat!

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