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Straight Guys Jerking Off! 2

Dirty Twink Bruno Jacks Off In The Pool

Duration: 17m, 29s, Starring Bruno Stigmata

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Slender young twink Bruno goes to the swimming pool, but he doesn't do much exercise! At first he is sitting around pool side in a tight pair of blue underpants and an extremely camp singlet. He pulls his prick out of his shorts, taking a sly look around to make sure that no one is looking before he starts to masturbate. He sits half in the pool, perched on the steps so that his cock and balls are just above the water. He looks fixedly at his cock while he pumps himself off, spurting all over his hand and then quickly cleaning his dick underwater. You can see the thick dollop of semen drifting away for the next swimmer to encounter!

Magnificent Body Stud Roberto Jerks Off

Duration: 17m, 47s, Starring Roberto Gaucho

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Check out the remarkable body on stud Roberto! This guy has got an amazing bod, extremely toned with just the right amount of hair to make him look manly. He peels off his T-shirt and jeans, until he's just standing there in black underpants and the bulge of his cock and balls is clearly visible. This guy is fucking hung! You will be salivating as he pulls his prick out and starts to jerk it off, first pumping the head and then moving down towards the base and the balls to make himself cum. He spunks mightily, and you can see the thick trail of jism running down the shaft. He rubs his spent semen into the head of his own penis.

Big Dick Stud Wanks It In Shower

Duration: 16m, Starring Denys Cult

(1 Vote)

Hold on to your boners, this straight stud pulls out his hot cock and gets it all revved up and hard for us in the shower with some stroking action. Denys Cult has got a long and thick uncut rod with a big set of shaved balls, not to mention a toned hot body to boot. He gives his pecker the French hook while teasing his own butthole and then starts to really whack the shit out of his big dick. You can see the excitement building in his face as he gets ready to blast a hot load of cum all over himself.

Santiago Almost Cums On His Own Face

Duration: 18m, 26s, Starring Santiago Perez

(1 Vote)

Young stud Santiago obviously spends a lot of time at the gym, judging by his bulging biceps and ripped abdominal muscles. When he takes off his shirt to reveal his stunning chest, you're also going to be aroused by his bad boy tattoos. This guy is the perfect package! He's got a nice thick cock, with neatly trimmed pubes that don't obscure any of the view. He lies back on his bed, looking into the camera and licking his lips in a suggestive manner while he pumps his hard prick. Soon he is gushing, ejaculating all over his own flat stomach. This guy has a mighty impressive cumload - and he almost manages to shoot himself in the face!

Toned Hottie Ariel Jerks Himself Off

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Ariel Verissimo

(1 Vote)

Although hot Italian stud Ariel is supposed to be straight, his abs are a little bit too ripped for that! He is standing around in a pair of tight white underpants, and you can clearly see his impressive bulge. He sticks a hand down his pants, roughly feeling and jerking his prick before he gets completely nude. He really does have an impressive penis - wouldn't you love to wrap your lips around that! He half sits in a chair and jerks himself off right there, eventually spunking all over his own unshaven pubic hair. You're going to love watching that creamy jism drip down over his full ball sack - and this guy is a real hottie!

Hot Shaved Head Stud Masturbates In Pool

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Guilhermo Soto

(1 Vote)

You're going to love watching muscular, bald headed stud Guilhermo masturbating in the swimming pool. He is sitting by himself on the edge of the pool in his swimming trunks and he obviously thinks that no one is around. The first part of this movie is filmed in a voyeuristic fashion, almost as if it was a hidden camera. He takes off his trunks and slides into the water, gripping his shaved cock and balls. He pumps turn himself to an erection and then leans back, half floating in the water so that his penis is visible above the waterline and stroking himself off. He spunks mightily and you can see the cream rolling down his stiff penis.

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