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Straight or Gay

Sexy Straight Stud Pumps Off Hard Cock

Duration: 19m, 44s, Starring Alex

(Not Rated)

There's nothing sexier than watching a shy straight guy showing off his big cock and balls! Sexy black haired stud Alex is swinging a nice big dick between his thighs; also, unlike a lot of the more camp and metrosexual gay guys out there, he leaves a bit of body hair on his chest and cock - very sexy! He is also one of the few guys that you will ever see on a solo video who uses some lotion on his dick when he masturbates! Unlike a lot of guys who like to jerk the foreskin, Alex puts on a decent gob of moisturiser and fucks his own hand with his dick just like it's a pussy - or maybe an ass hole! Regardless, he's got a truly fine dick!

College Stud Quickly Jizzes On Stomach

Duration: 5m, 41s, Starring Bill

(Not Rated)

Step into the bedroom with young college boi Bill as he pumps himself off quickly and quietly. If you have had roommates, you know that you quickly become well practised at jerking off in silence, not even letting out the smallest of moans lest your roommates discover the fact that you have been pleasuring yourself! It's obvious that Bill masturbates frequently, judging by the deeply ingrained routine that he has of quickly stripping off his clothes and getting down to business. He likes to lie on his back and pump himself, craning his neck to look at his own hard cock as he spews out his hot load all over his own delicious stomach.

Sexy Brendan Shows Off His Glamor Dick

Duration: 6m, 5s, Starring Brandon White

(Not Rated)

A sweet, uncut cock like the one belonging to handsome stud Brandon White requires two hands! This is one super sexy dude, with quite a beefy body underneath his clothes and a full head of hair; he is the kind of guy that you want to take home to meet your parents! He's also got some nice bushy pubic hair at the base of his big fat cock; wouldn't you love to bury your nose in those thick pubes while you sucked him off good? Unfortunately there is no one to pump Brandon's pole in this video except for himself, and he thrashes himself off nice and hard for your voyeuristic benefit. This dirty fucker can't keep his hands off his own meat!

Masturbating Guy Has Got Superpower Cock

Duration: 16m, 53s, Starring Joshua Berlin

(Not Rated)

Camp blond stunner Joshua might make claims of being straight, but any guy with a clue can tell that this guy is as raving queer as they cum. With has died blond hair, camp mannerisms and impeccable grooming, he just screams "I'm gay!" He's got an extremely hot, toned body, with a meticulously shaved chest and fantastic abs. He is also packing some serious cock power in those pants, along with a pair of huge, swollen balls that look like a pair of swinging grapefruits! He's certainly not shy, pumping himself off enthusiastically and shooting a hot stream of jizz right up into his chest. That's one fucking powerful cock he's got there!

Two Hot Straight Guys Jack Off Together

Duration: 18m, 10s, Starring Jason, Lance

(2 Votes)

These two white homeboys are supposedly straight, but here they engage in some surprisingly gay behavior! They're watching TV together in their baseball caps when muscular Jason pulls his cock out of his pants and starts working it. His buddy Lance glances over, his eyes lingeringly on his friend's big dick, with an obvious expression of lust crossing his face. Lance strips off as well, showing off his own huge dick, which is quite incongruous compared to his slender body. The guys jack off side by side, their knees touching in a tantalizing fashion as they watch TV. Not too many genuinely straight friends masturbate together like this!

Black Man Takes Huge White Cock Anally

Duration: 29m, 47s, Starring Austin, Carlos

(2 Votes)

For a supposedly straight guy, this black stud sure loves having things in his ass! He looks a little bit nervous as he strips for the camera, revealing a surprisingly toned body and a remarkable cock. He sticks his ass out for the cameraman as well, peeling his own ass cheeks apart and showing off his sphincter. He squeals and moans as the cameraman inserts his well lubricated middle finger into the black man's ass, followed by a large butt plug. Judging by the size of that plug, you have to suspect that the black thug has done this before! He also manages to take the cameraman's big white cock in his sphincter surprisingly easily.

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