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Summer Trophies

Scott Beckham And Jake Armstrong Suck Each Other Off

Duration: 17m, 59s, Starring Jake Armstrong, Scott Beckham

(1 Vote)

Scott Beckham has got his boy Jake Armstrong all day today, and all to himself. They were supposed to go surfing, but they couldn't be bothered when they heard their friends were ditching out. Why leave the house when you can have just as much fun if not more inside. They started by getting a good movie on and then as they were watching they got a better idea and started to strip. Once one of them was naked, the other took his cock in his mouth and got things good and hard so the butt fucking could get under way.

Jack Reilly Shares His First Gay Experience With Gavin Marze

Duration: 21m, 36s, Starring Gavin Marze, Jack Reilly

(2 Votes)

Jack Reilly and Gavin Marze are both buff beach bums that want nothing more than to tan and fuck all day long. Today they're getting that chance. They're both going to take the whole day off and just bang until the sun goes down. They start their day by going for a nice walk in the sand while the surf laps at the shore before heading back to Jack's place to get naked and jack off a while. As they lay out on the couch, naked and jerking it, it's not long before one starts to go down on the other.

Luke Savage And Tony Sergio Getting Merge

Duration: 12m, 57s, Starring Luke Savage, Tony De Sergio

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Luke Savage and Tony De Sergio first met one late afternoon as dusk was falling on the beach. They were just hanging out enjoying the sunset alone, and met eyes. As they went for a walk they found they had a lot in common and decided to head back to Tony's condo for a drink and to see what else they both liked to do. Both of them spend a lot of time in the gym, and for the same reasons. They both like to watch as the other guys grunt and work out. Once that was discovered they retired to the bedroom.

Robert Steel And Billy Herrington Like Rough Cock In The Ass

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Billy Herrington, Robert Steel

(3 Votes)

Sometimes when you're down at the beach looking for the right guy he might be the kind that would have kicked sand in your face when you were younger. Robert Steel and Billy Herrington are both buff dudes that spend most of their days working out and getting just the right tan at the beach. You might think them cruising for ladies, but all they really want is a solid ass fucking from another buff dude that understands them. That's just what they're going to give one another tonight after they get done in the surf.

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