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Sweat & Muscle

Three Cocks In The Bed With Morning Wood

Duration: 39m, 8s, Starring Cameron Fox, Park Wiley, Stonie

(Not Rated)

The more cocks in the bed, the better! Three guys are huddling underneath the covers at the beginning of this excellent threesome fuck movie. All three guys are naked, and when you combine that with morning wood you've got a recipe for a hardcore gay fuck of epic proportions! First the guys take turns sucking each others' dicks, positioning themselves into a variety of uncomfortable positions in their pursuit of oral perfection. Then two of the guys pair off for some extremely deep anal fucking, with a good-looking guy with blond hair fucking a short haired brunette so savagely that he spurts quick. He drenches his buddy with hot jism!

Young Twink Gets A Painful Ass Banging

Duration: 18m, 56s, Starring Cameron Fox, Hawk McAllistar, Stonie

(Not Rated)

This excellent gay threesome fuck movie starts off with a good-looking hunk having his cock sucked out by the swimming pool. He is lying in luxury on a reclining chair while his little twink buddy sucks him like crazy. The twink has got a hot little mouth on him, and the dominant stud looks down in amazement as the surprisingly small guy manages to suck back almost the entire length of his massive cock. Part way through the oral extravaganza, they are briefly joined by another man, who joins in the oral fun before the twink lies on his back and begs for some hard anal. That's exactly what he gets - a deep and painful butt fucking!

Hardcore Gay Anal Fuck In The Sun Room

Duration: 19m, 59s, Starring Danny Lopez, Jack London

(Not Rated)

Big dick stud Danny kicks off this clip by fucking his buddy Jack in the butt. They are in a sunny conservatory, with Jack bent over at the waist and sticking his butt out while he gets sodomized by his well hung buddy. Later on in the movie, Danny positions Jack in the missionary position, so he can look him right in the eye while he stuffes his cock in to his buddy's butthole. He even reaches down and gives his friend's cock a little rub while he's ass fucking him - very considerate! Danny wants to spurt in his buddy's mouth, so he lies down on a bench while Jack sucks him like a maniac, drawing the cum into his own mouth.

Two Gay Men Work Out Their Dicks

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Cameron Fox, Hawk McAllistar

(Not Rated)

An exercise gets interrupted by Cameron Fox, he approaches Hawk McAllistar with his cock already out and hard. Hawk grabs it in his hand and leans forward to slide his mouth down his shaft, hitting the back of his throat with his long dong. Cameron gets down to his level, kneels in front of him and wraps his lips around his head, easing his way down his entire shaft. After sticking his fingers in Hawks tight asshole, Cameron pulls him onto his lap and penetrates his hole with his member. Together both men shoot cum out of their cocks all over Cameron's belly.

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