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Sweet Homo Alabama

Gay Action During Basic Training

Duration: 26m, 11s, Starring Jake Ryan, Tony Akin

(Not Rated)

Tony Akin and Jake Ryan were in basic training in the military. One weekend they got a 48 hour leave so they checked into a hotel. As soon as they were alone they started kissing and peeling each other's clothes off. They hit the bed, rolled around and ended up in a hot 69. They sucked each other's long sticks until they were both hard then Jake lifted Tony's legs and slid his rod deep into Jake's ass. He fucked Tony while Tony stroked his own cock. Jake got on top of him and really thrust that dick deep inside him. While he got fucked Tony came then Jake pulled out and Tony jacked him off and made him shoot his load.

New Recruit Ass Fucked During The Night

Duration: 19m, 26s, Starring Todd Becker, Tyson Rexx

(Not Rated)

The new recruit on the base gets woken up abruptly one night when he realises that there is someone else in his bedroom. At first he is scared, but his fear soon turns to excitement when one of his fellow recruits straddles him on the bed, thrusting his hard cock into his mouth. The young man eagerly sucks, choking back that dick right down to the base. The other man helps him along, placing one dominant head in a fatherly fashion behind his head and thrusting ever deeper into his throat. Then the recruit lies down, spreading his ass cheeks and holding his buttocks in the air, ready for hardcore anal penetration. He squeals as he gets done.

Homesick Army Boys Have A Hot Anal Fuck

Duration: 22m, 29s, Starring Dave M, Tony Akin

(Not Rated)

A new army recruit with a shaved head begins the scene talking to his parents on the phone. He is sad and homesick, so when his room mate, a good looking red headed stud, walks in, he asks for relief. The redhead guy is an eager cocksucker and he doesn't hesitate to unzip the skinhead's pants and start to suck on his cock. The two young men give each other an extended cocksucking, taking turns to work each other's shafts with their mouths. Then the redhead lies on his back, holding his ass up in the air and begging for dick. The skinhead's back muscles ripple while he ploughs that tight ass hard and deep, filling it with his jism.

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