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Old Rich Guy Seduces A Hot Young Toy Boy

Duration: 19m, Starring Jay Richards, Kyle Douglas

(Not Rated)

A rich older businessman takes his younger toy boy out for a cruise on his boat. After a relaxing and romantic afternoon on the high seas, they return to the rich man's hotel room so that the toy boy can do what he does best - suck cock! They strip off, with the cock hungry young man eagerly fellating his older companion. The men exchange oral favours and then they take it in turns to fuck each other in the ass. The young guy takes it especially well, pushing his tight butt back against his partner's cock and begging for it harder and deeper. The old man enjoys tweaking his own nipples while he pounds that tight young ass.

Getting Turned On By Some Sexy Buns

Duration: 15m, 10s, Starring Ricky Hanson, Sebastian Jaymz

(Not Rated)

I doubt many people have been turned on by watching their boyfriend replace a light bulb, but with the way he was bent over in those underwear, and how thick of an ass he has, who could blame him for getting an instant hard-on? They're both so good at giving head that I'm surprised they didn't blow their loads from it, but they were able to hold out because they do an even better job of fucking ass. After giving him a wet and sloppy rimjob, he pushed his cock into him until there was nothing left exposed, fucking him until he was ready to cum. Then he laid down and stroked himself while his boyfriend did as well, and they both came on him.

Deck The Halls And Dick The Asses

Duration: 12m, 23s, Starring Jay Richards, Ty Grimaldi

(1 Vote)

Chocolates are such tasty treats, but these guys could use something tastier, and that's each other's hard dicks. That's one way to celebrate the holiday season, as they each get on their knees and open their mouths for every last inch of rigid pecker. He readies his buddy's ass for a good fucking by licking his butthole, slicking it up with his spit, and then pushing his rod right inside. Right in front of the decorated tree, he pounded his pudding until he shot his load all over his backside. Then he got on his knees while his partner stood up and jerked off in his face, giving his visage the glazed over look fitting for the holiday season.

Closing A Real Estate Deal With Gay Sex

Duration: 22m, 32s, Starring Blain Baxter, Dillion Daily, Loren McLeod

(Not Rated)

What do three guys hanging out on a couch do together when they're bored of looking over real estate paperwork? Well when the gay couple makes a pass at the real estate guy, he immediately warms up to the idea, fulfilling one of his deepest fantasies. They pull his dick out of his pants and start to suck on it, while feeding him some cock as well. It erupted into a cock sucking orgy, with all three of them getting in a triangle with a mouth full of hard rod, as well as tons of ass licking before the real estate guy sat on a dick. He rode that cock while the other guy stroked his, and then all three fucked each other in a train.

College Gays Fuck Instead Of Studying

Duration: 16m, 9s, Starring Jody Bennett, Kyle Douglas

(Not Rated)

These two college gay guys are sitting on the couch next to one another, reading their textbooks. One is blond and the other brunette, and the guy with darker hair reaches over repeatedly to try to caress his friend's penis through his pants. The first few times, the blond guy rebuffs the brunette's advances, but then they begin to kiss passionately. They get completely nude and suck each others' cocks, and then the blond guy lies back with his legs spread, lifting his testicles out of the way so that his friend can plug him in the ass hole. The blond guy really gets fucked hard and deep, squealing while his tender sphincter gets stretched.

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