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Ten Gallon Stallion

Fresh Faced Trucker Fucking Outside

Duration: 19m, 9s, Starring Gary Dean, Jerry Ford

(Not Rated)

Once you get to the truck stop, you can actually find all sorts of interesting places behind them. Gary Dean is so damn horny that he pulls Jerry Ford with him down this random trail that he found. He takes this tight assed twink so hard that they can hear him all the way back at the truck stop, although no one ends up putting 2 and 2 together to figure out exactly what was going on back there. I do have to say that I love the way they just fuck under the sun, it's really romantic and hot as fuck.

Late Night Truckstop Gay Fucking

Duration: 14m, 20s, Starring Jack Doff, William Grail

(Not Rated)

The road can be really lonely, and when there are mostly only guys at the truckstops - well you put two and two together to figure out exactly what they want to go ahead and do with each other. William Grail and Jack Doff find each other in their rooms, and this interracial trucker scene starts off with Jack sucking off his newfound friend. They go at it for awhile before they start with the actual fucking, which has William bending over Jack and filling up his tight ass with his dong. It's a damn hot scene for sure.

Gay Downhome Cowboys Fucking Hard

Duration: 19m, 32s, Starring Jerry Ford, Shawn Mitchell

(Not Rated)

What do cowboys do to relax? Well apparently they go out and play pool - and by play pool I mean they fuck right on top of the pool table. Jerry Ford and Shawn Mitchell are absolutely gorgeous men, with great muscles, tight asses, and big asses - and there is nothing quite like seeing them jump up on the table to keep on sucking nice and hard. A pool table is phallic enough, of course, so it's no wonder that they got turned on hanging around there. There is a lot of dick sucking before they get to the fucking.

Cowboys ride bareback better than they do sidesaddle

Duration: 19m, 51s, Starring Frank Ruffner, John Michael

(Not Rated)

Buckle-up, lock and load Cowboy because this bronco bucks and its gonna be a fireworks of a wild ride! Frank Ruffner and John Michael team up to bring you the kind of twink on bear action that your cock craves. The ten gallon hats they where are ironic because of the eleven gallon loads of spunk they carry in their saddle-bag sized ballsacks! This is man on man sucking and hardcore rodeo fucking the likes of which you aint never seen before. So grab on tight and dont let go until the very last little sperm shot can be wrangled out of you!

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