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The Bartender

Nothing Like Hot Anal Sex In The Morning

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Billy, Eric Evans, Marco Rossi, Shawn Adams

(Not Rated)

One of the great things about working at a gay bar is that you meet lots of hot young men. In this clip, two guys, a younger blond guy and an older, balding man, decide to go home with each other after closing time. The house is surprisingly feminine, with a lace tablecloth, but the action is 100% man! At first there is hot and sloppy oral sex both ways. The blond is wearing his white y-fronts while the other man is in cut off denim shorts, but soon they are completely naked as they blow each other furiously. The younger and more muscular blond man turns out to be the ass fucker, bending the brunette man over and doing him hard.

Six Guys In This Hot No Condom Anal Orgy

Duration: 28m, 45s, Starring Alex Colt, Alex Young, Billy, Jim Hardy, Marco Rossi

(Not Rated)

When you walk in to his bar spa, nothing stands out as anything different from your regular gay club. However, after closing time, once the rest of the customers have left, the bar staff get together for some really hardcore orgies! In this clip, six guys retire into the back room for some hardcore cocksucking and ass banging action. The guys pair off initially, but they rotate around to swap partners so that everyone gets a taste of cock and also gets a turn of getting ass fucked. Some guys are givers and some guys takers, but most of them are just down for any penetration pleasure that they can get! No condoms are to be seen anywhere!

Cute Bartender Serves A Rough Ass Fuck

Duration: 21m, 19s, Starring Marco Rossi, Shawn Adams

(Not Rated)

It's closing time, and only the dregs are left at the bar. Just about everyone else has already hooked up with a man for the night or gone home. However, this blond guy has had his eye on the cute brown haired bartender all night! He busts his move, leading the studly buck back to his house, where they get intimate in the kitchen. The bartender can't believe his luck as he watches the good-looking blond hunk go down on him, kneeling like the submissive cocksucker that he is and swallowing his shaft right down to the balls. The oral goes both ways, and then the bartender bends the blond over the kitchen counter and fucks him in the ass.

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