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The Claudio Antonelli Collection Vol. 1

Naughty Gay Hunks in Hot Threesome

Duration: 20m, 6s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Mathew Horman

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Claudio Antonelli, Mathew Horman, and their friend start off by taking a rather sexy trip on their little speed boat. Of course that just gets them all hot and bothered, so by the time they come back to dock they are ready to whip out their rock hard cocks and just go to town. I love watching these guys in action - not only do they all suck a mean dick, they make sure that everyone gets an equal share of time with either giving or receiving. Kind and considerate threesomes - now that's an interesting arrangement.

Group Gay Sex In The Middle East

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Mario Jones, Ryan Cuddmore

(1 Vote)

Claudio Antonelli was in the middle east with Ryan Cuddmore and Mario Jones. They did some shopping then met up with a guy who took them back to the sultan's palace. Once they were there the guy got naked, knelt down and started sucking Ryan's dick. That set the orgy in motion. All the guys threw off their clothes and started sucking and stroking each other. Guys were taking turns fucking each other then they would switch partners and fuck other guys. As things came to a boil all the guys pulled their dicks out and like a well formed team they all came together.

Three Hot Guys Fuck On Vacation

Duration: 24m, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Rocko Dan

(1 Vote)

Claudio Antonelli and Rocko Dan were on vacation. They rented a nice house with a pool and invited a friend. There was nobody around so they went down to the pool, stripped nude and started sucking on each others meat sticks. As they got hard Claudio put his dick in the other guys ass while that guy sucked on Rocko then Claudio pulled out and let Rocko have a nice slice of that tight ass. These guys pounded away on each other, sucking and fucking then they all stood around stroking themselves and shooting hot loads all over each other.

Italian Stallion has Gay Threesome

Duration: 23m, 8s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Landon Jones, Steven Dophe

(1 Vote)

Three muscular men wearing wrestling tights, who could ask for more. The Italian superstar Claudio Antonelli hooks up with Steven Dophe and Landon Jones to have all male show. Watch the erections grow as two of these guys kiss and touch each other. When the thin material gets in the way they quickly strip each other to get access to the hard ons. Claudio Antonelli reaps the benefits as they give him a tag team blow job and ball suck. Claudio lies down and lets the other men climb on top of his penis, then he wants control and rams him from behind. They take turns fucking the one guy until all the loads are spent.

Horny Recruits Love To Taste Some Ass

Duration: 22m, 23s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Mario Jones, Mathew Horman, Robert Lope, Ryan Cuddmore

(211 Votes)

The muscular gym boys in this platoon are in for an interesting afternoon! The squadron leader inspects their dorm room and he isn't impressed when he sees mess everywhere. The final straw is when he finds a dirty magazine. He orders the men to lie down on the beds, with another man on top and in a press up position. Eventually they tire and end up lying on top of each other in the beds. At the sergeant's prompting, this turns in to hardcore cocksucking and then group anal sex action. The muscular guys stand around in a circle to jack each other off to conclude the scene, and everyone ends up being sprayed with everyone else's semen.

Gay Orgy During A Hot Arabian Night

Duration: 22m, 28s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Landon Jones, Mario Jones, Mathew Horman, Ryan Cuddmore

(1 Vote)

Claudio Antonelli and four other guys were having a feast with them. The other guys: Mathew Horman, Ryan Cuddmore, Mario Jones and Landon Jones were all eating and having some great drinks. The the wine flowed the guys paired off and started kissing and taking their clothes off. The guys each took turns giving head to each other then the real fun started as they started fucking. The room was alive with the sounds of guys moaning and flesh slapping together as they sucked, stroked and came. Across the room they all came, took a break for some more drinks then got back into the fun.

Three Gay Hotties Fucking in Treehouse

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Mathew Horman, Ryan Cuddmore, Steven Dophe

(1 Vote)

Have you ever thought about treehouse sex? I know I never have, but I wonder why at this point. It certainly does seem like an awesome idea, and hey - the only thing you really have to worry about is whether you fuck too hard to make the thing fall over. Matthew Horman, Ryan Cuddmore, and Steven Dophe all decide to stop their nature hike in lieu of something a wee bit more raw. They start off fucking on the ground, although they do indeed get tempted to move up top - it was a bit too small to accommodate all of them, though.

Sexy Beefcakes Fucking on the Beach

Duration: 25m, 43s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Silvio Dane

(1 Vote)

Claudio Antonelli, Silvio Dane, and their friend are total beefcakes - and they happen to be wearing bikini brief speedos. Now that's the type of guys I love to see on the beach. They spend some time talking about a random mountain, but really we just want to get to the action, right? They end up taking a boat to a very secluded spot in order to really get in touch with each other. And touch they did, slurping up cock and playing with each other's asses, ending with one hell of a gay threesome finale.

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