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Big Muscular Men Search For Diamonds

Duration: 12m, 51s, Starring Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Randy Jones, Rogerio Mateo

(1 Vote)

In the heart of the dessert lays an abandoned diamond mine. To beat the heat two muscular guys wear nothing but tight shorts as they pick through the rubble looking for gems. Once they find a few treasures they take them inside to inspect and get excited with their finds. They call in some more muscle to help them dig for more diamonds, in nothing but jean overalls the ripped men dig and march around the mine. They approach the river and the base of a hill and decide to pan for gold, they find a few tokens gems that motivate them to keep searching.

Construction Workers Know How To Party

Duration: 21m, 25s, Starring Randy Jones, Rod Stevens

(2 Votes)

In this hot homosexual anal hardcore clip, well hung fuckers Rod Stevens and Randy Jones take a break from their hard labour as construction workers for some cock play and butt fucking. You know there's nothing sexier than a man in uniform, if a construction worker's outfit counts as a uniform, that is! These two hunks have both got bulging biceps, poking out the sides of their overalls. One man catches the other slacking off from the job, ordering him to rub his cock against his own or else face disciplinary charges from the management of the company. This turns in to a hardcore oral, anal and handjob fuck fest of epic proportions.

Construction Workers Have Cock Sandwich

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Julian Vincenzo, Miguel Sabroso, Rogerio Mateo

(Not Rated)

It's straight into the action in this hardcore homosexual three-way. Three construction workers pause their labour to have some extreme anal fucking on the top floor of the building. One of them fucks another up the butthole while they lean dangerously out of the window. The guy who is getting ass fucked is on duty, keeping a watchful eye for the other workmen. Then the third man comes in from behind, spearing the guy doing the fucking in a hardcore cock sandwich. It's got to be seen to be believed, and what makes it even better is that all of these studs are extremely good-looking and they have rock hard uncut cocks.

Construction Stud Jacks Off On The Job

Duration: 5m, 50s, Starring Julio Carillo

(Not Rated)

Come on, admit it - you've done it too! No matter how diligent you are at your job, sometimes you just get the urge to rub one out. That's right - masturbate on the job! Even guys with public jobs aren't immune to needing to jack off, and this red blooded construction worker hides from the other men, laying down his shovel and taking out his fat cock. You're going to love the overall clad stud as he jacks himself to a huge spurting orgasm, drenching his rock hard abs with his creamy man juice. After he's pumped himself off, he goes back to work as if nothing happened. He even shakes another man's hand with his jism soaked palm.

Construction Guys Love To Suck Hard Dick

Duration: 13m, 26s, Starring Freddy Costa, Randy Jones, Rod Stevens

(Not Rated)

This submissive construction worker just loves getting fucked in his ass hole! He begins the scene lying on his back jerking his own cock while he sucks the prick of his more dominant workmate. After he has given the man a good sloppy sucking, he gets it rough in his ass hole, lying on his side while his buddy snuggles in behind him, wrapping a paternal arm around his chest and plunging his wang right up the submissive cocksucker's butthole! He squeals as he gets anally stretched, filled right down to the balls by this well hung stud, who doesn't seem to give a damn about the cocksucker's welfare. He hammers him for all he's worth.

Gay Miners Have Hot Three Way Wank Fest

Duration: 17m, 17s, Starring Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Randy Jones

(Not Rated)

It's no wonder that these guys never get any work done! Every five minutes they're slacking off on the job, getting down on their knees to get fucked in the ass or gobbling down a mouthful of cock. These guys are supposed to be mining for diamonds, but instead they seem to spend most of their time hunting for semen! In this hot scene, three hot guys get it on again and again. They strip down until they are just wearing their hard hats, jacking off next to one another and comparing cocks. Then they have some hardcore anal three-way action, going ass to mouth on each others' pricks several times. These gay degenerates know no bounds!

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