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Three Guys Fucking And Sucking

Duration: 16m, 10s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel

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Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen and Jack Laurel were in Rome and decided to recreate the a gay roman orgy. They were naked and sucking each others cocks then Jack decided he wanted to take some hard dick in her ass. He got on top and rode that dick, bouncing and kissing and sucking cock. He jumped off, stood up and bent Claudio over and drove his hard cock into her from behind. All three guys fucked each other and sucked each other then they shot their hot loads of man gravy all over each other. It was classic art at its finest.

Three Guys Fuck For The Kinds Pleasure

Duration: 28m, 30s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel, Nico Luccini, Ron Miller

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Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel and Ron Miller were told to preform for king Nico Luccini. As the king watch the three guys got naked and started sucking each others dicks. They saw that the king liked what he saw so the kept it up then after some sloppy knob sucking Jack bent Ron over and fucked his ass deep. The kind applauded so they banged away. Jack wanted some so he let Fernando sit on his dick and ride him. The three continued to fuck until they were ready to cum then they erupted like three roman fountains shooting water into the air.

Three Guys Fuck At Work On Break

Duration: 17m, 10s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen, Rick Perry

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Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen and Rick Perry were working together on a job site building a house. It was a hot day so they were working shirtless and in shorts. When it came time for lunch break the guys were so turned on by each others bodies that they wanted some man meat for lunch so they skipped the sandwiches and started sucking some dick. The blew each other then Rick bent Fabrice over and slid his thick meat tool into his ass and fucked him. He drilled that ass while Fabrice Sucked Fernanado's cock. It felt so good the carried it into the night, forgetting the work and instead getting a workout with each other.

Guys Fucking And Sucking After A Jump

Duration: 22m, 51s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen, Fred Goldsmith, Rick Perry, Tony Brown

(Not Rated)

Fabrice Felder and his buddies Fernando Nieldsen, Rick Perry, Tony Brown and Fred Goldsmith had just gone for a parachute jump. They were all high on adrenaline and couldn't hold back so all the guys got naked and started sucking and stroking each others cocks. The guys were all hard and some of them got bent over and fucked from behind while another guy sat on a cock and bounced up and down. The guy getting fucked sucked a cock while getting reamed and made the guy cum then the guy fucking him pulled out and came on his back. The guys getting head all came together and everyone was happy.

Two Guys Fucking And Sucking On A Boat

Duration: 16m, 10s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen

(Not Rated)

Fabrice Felder and Fernando Nielsen were out on the water in their boat. They anchored the boat and Fernando started stroking Fabrice's cock. She got him hard then stood up and let Fabrice pull his shorts down and start sucking his cock. Once he was hard Fabrice bent him over and drove his dick deep into him from behind. He hammered away on that ass and reached around him to jack him off as he fucked him fast and hard. The two guys came together then they stood and kissed and washed themselves off in the shower and got nice and clean.

Four Guys Fucking In A Locker Room

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Erik Maestro, Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel

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Claudio Antonelli, Fernando Nielsen, Jack Laurel and Erick Maestro were all in the locker room after working out. They were getting naked and decided to get a little extra workout and started sucking on each others dicks. The guys all got hard then two of them bent over and took it deep in the ass. These guys hammered away on those tight asses and fucked them deep, reaming them clean as they pounded away on that ass. All four guys were rock hard then shot their loads on each other then the foursome hit the showers for a little more clean fun.

Four Guys Fuck And Suck In A Dungeon

Duration: 24m, 1s, Starring Alan Braun, Enrico Benetti, Fernando Nielsen, Paul Skerrit

(Not Rated)

Fernando Nielsen has a full on sex dungeon in his basement and invited three friends over. When Enrico Benetti, Pual Skerrit and Alan Braun got there the party really got started. All four guys took turns blowing each other until they were all rock hard then two of them got into the fuck swings and let the other two slam their cocks into them. They took that dick like a champ and loved every inch of it as they got pounded. At one point one guy had a dick in his ass, one in his mouth and one in his hand. he worked all three dicks until all three guys came all over him.

Horniest Gay Pool in the World

Duration: 26m, 41s, Starring Ben Mason, Fernando Nielsen, Ken Spencer, Narus Reves, Roberto Girogio

(Not Rated)

There is nothing like going to a private pool that just so happens to be filled with a whole bunch of gay guys in speedos - in fact, that's the kind of perfect vacation that you would go off and look for. Fernando Nielsen, Robert Girogio, Narus Reves, Ken Spencer, and Ben Mason all make their way over to this poolside mecca of ass fucking. While they don't all end up fucking together, which would have been super hot, they do end up all having sex at one point or another in the pool, at the pool, or by the pool.

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