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Five Bikers Sucking And Fucking

Duration: 24m, 4s, Starring Bill O'Riley, Jack Hill, Rich Christienson, Tom Tucker, William Virgil

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Bill O'Riley, Tom Tucker, Rich Christienson, William Virgil and Jack Hill were all hanging out at the biker club with their motorcycles. It was a hot day so they started stripping off their clothes and having a few drinks. Bill walked over to Jack, leaned over and started sucking his cock. Jack didn't stop him so it was on. Al the guys started sucking and stroking each other then Jack bent Bill over and slid his prick into him from behind. The guys fucked each other and as they all started reaching the edge they came all over each other.

Four Guys Get Crazy Together At Lunch

Duration: 25m, 27s, Starring Jim Goldson, Moe Curls, Nicolas Gay, Rich Dick

(Not Rated)

Nicolas Gay invited three of his friends, Moe Curls, Jim Goldson and Rich Dick over to his place for lunch. After they ate they were sitting around the living room talking and having some fun. Nicolas thought Rich looked hot so he leaned over and kissed him. Rich grabbed him and pulled him in and it was on. Clothes started hitting the floor as all four guys got naked then once they were hard cocks got buried deep into each other's asses while dicks got sucked. They collapsed into one giant pile of fucking and sucking until they hit the peak then all four came together.

Four Guys Have Fuck Fest With Eachother

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Bob Bobson, Jared Smith, Jim Goldson, Kyle Wolfe

(Not Rated)

We are greeted by a group of four guys who appear to be held up. It then turns into two of the guys stripping and the other two sucking their dicks and playing with themselves as they do so. Then the other two undress and they end up on a couch with one guy sucking anothers' dick and that one sucking anothers dick and they just make a long dick sucking train. Then two of the guys climb on top of the other two and start riding with their asses hard and fast. They then switch positions and continue to ass fuck each other and suck each other off while also jerking off or jerking the other guy off. They keep ass fucking and sucking for a while.

Hot Gay Sex in Secluded Cave System

Duration: 24m, 13s, Starring Jasper Wright, Yani

(Not Rated)

Jasper Wright and Yani seem to be real admirers of nature. These two Euro gay hotties are wandering around in the caves, and I have to admit that this is the first time I've ever thought of having sex in a cave. I always thought it would be too damn cold to manage it, but these two keep each other warm with lingering kisses, groping hands, and rock hard cocks. Hey, whatever works for them, right? They manage to find some stairs and railings to prop themselves up on once the real fucking commences, and you can hear their moans echoing throughout.

Six Army Guys Get It On With Eachother

Duration: 22m, 51s, Starring Baldy Mcpherson, D. Illbit, George Harrison, Mike Smith, Reggie Taggert

(Not Rated)

We first see six army guys doing target practice. They head inside and are targeting each other with their dicks. All five are already stripped, their dicks hard, and four guys are getting their cocks sucked. As two of the guys are sucking they're also jerking themselves off. Pretty soon they've all paired up and one's laying on the table getting fucked and given a hand job, two are on the floor fucking and two are standing up and rubbing their dicks together before one guy kneels and starts giving the other a blow job. As one guy's getting fucked in the ass he's also getting a hand job. Soon four are watching two of them go at it hardcore.

Three Guys Fucking Each Other Hardcore

Duration: 16m, 13s, Starring Gordon Rammer, John Quincy, Ronaldo Rivera

(Not Rated)

We are greeted by Gordon, John, and Ronaldo three guys who very quickly get undressed and one starts sucking the other twos dicks. Before long two are laying down and one kneeling and two are sucking dick and one is jerking himself off. Before long all three are standing up and two are fucking while the other jerks off his long hard dick. As one guy gets it up the ass his dick gets harder and harder and pretty soon he's riding the others dick while he jerks himself off while the third continues to masturbate. Pretty soon two of the guys are jerking off over the one who was fucking the other up the ass and they cum all over his chest.

Two Guys Get It On Inside And Outside

Duration: 22m, 57s, Starring Francesco, Gordon Rammer

(Not Rated)

We start off with Gordon and Francesco. They are both so horny they can't wait and one is already taking off the others pants and sucking his dick, taking as much into his mouth as he can. Before long both guys are undressed and the other guy is getting his dick sucked as well. They then both start stroking their cocks together, running their hands up and down their long hard shafts while looking at each other jerking off. They're then out on a porch and sucking each others dicks. As one sucks the others dick he's also sticking a huge, thick dildo in and out of the others ass hole. Before long they're both jerking off themselves.

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