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The General's Son

Two Soldiers Have Some Private Anal Time

Duration: 24m, 17s, Starring Josh Evers, Trey Hunter

(Not Rated)

Three cadets are on their bedsin their dorm room when they are stirred by their drill sargeant. He storms into the room, catching them still in their underpants, screaming at them. One of the boys especially curries his disfavour, and the sergeant orders him to get down and to give him twenty. Then he gives the naughty cadet a good kick in the ass and hurries him out of the room. The other two men are pleased, because they know that means that they are going to have some alone time. One of the men immediately goes down on the other, sucking his long hard cock, eager to have his mouth filled. However, his fellow soldier wants to fuck his ass!

Young Cadet Anal Drilled In Dorm Room

Duration: 15m, 35s, Starring Paul Morgan, Stonie

(Not Rated)

A innocent young cadet is chilling in his dorm room in his tight white underpants when he is stirredby the arrival of his superior officer. For a moment the officer stands there, staring at the good-looking young stud and that bulge in his pants. The cadet knows exactly what he is supposed to do, pulling out his superior officer's shaft and starting to suck. Then he takes off his underpants, lying back on the bed, spreading his legs and his butt cheeks submissively. The well hung officer bangs his backside hard, fucking him like the rectal woman that he is. He even jizzs right in the cadet's rump! He is going to be sore in his bum for days.

New Soldier On Base Gets An Ass Fucking

Duration: 16m, 30s, Starring Drew Andrews, Tony De Sergio

(Not Rated)

There's a new soldier on the base, and all the men want a piece of has fine looking ass. One of the men corners the dude in a back room, encouraging him to get out his cock - it's surprisingly big! The new fella moans and rolls his head back in ecstasy as he gets one of the best bareback blowjobs of his life. He gets completely naked as the other soldier bends him over, loosening of his ring piece with some spit and two fingers. Before you know it the new guy is getting fucked in his ass by the more experienced soldier, who pumps him hard and fast - he knows that he has to finish before the other men discover them in the act!

Army General Sodomizes A Younger Man

Duration: 16m, 56s, Starring Anthony Deangelo, Cameron Cruise

(2 Votes)

You've got to give a little to get ahead in the army! This grey haired general locks the door to his office and pulls down his pants so this younger sergeant can give him the cocksucking that he needs. The general sighs in satisfaction as the young soldier sucks him good, swallowing his cock right down his throat and using lots of spit. Then the sergeant gets up on to the desk, pulling down his pants and exposing himself for punishment. The grey-haired general, despite his age and hair loss, is still rock hard where it counts and he really knows how to deliver! It's lucky that the door is closed, or else the whole base would hear them!

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