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Two Guys Fuck In Sauna an Gymnasium

Duration: 23m, 52s, Starring Jack Strong, Marco Palermo

(2 Votes)

We start off in a gym with some guys working out, after they work out for a while two end up in a sauna area, and before long one's shorts come off and the other starts sucking his dick. As he's sucking the others dick his underwear comes off as well. He works the other guys cock and balls licking them and stroking them good and taking the cock into his mouth as much as he can. They then switch off and the guy that was getting his dick sucked starts sucking the other guys dick, licking it and stroking it with his tongue. Then the guy who was sucking dick first sits on the other guys long hard cock and starts riding it with his ass.

Hot Gay Anal Foursome With Huge Cumshots

Duration: 22m, 10s, Starring Frank Holmes, Janos Volt, Jimmy Smith, Mark A.

(Not Rated)

Three dominant guys ambush a young mechanic as he works alone in the garage. He looks up from his work, surprised to see the three well muscled studs striding towards him, completely naked. They gather around the young dude, stuffing him to his knees and thrusting their dickheads into his mouth. And it only takes a second for him to start to suck - everyone's a closet cocksucker! After he's tasted all of their pricks, the men bend the mechanic over and enter his hairy backside hole. The dirty bottom man comes several times from the anal stimulation and finally the mans jack off all over his face. Don't miss this passionate gay backdoor gangbang!

Innocent Army Dude Fucked In The Toilet

Duration: 21m, 48s, Starring James Roberts, Janos Volt, Ryan Ultimate

(1 Vote)

There's a new recruit in the Army squad, and his teammates are eager to break him in to the ways of the homosexual military. They wait until he is on his hands and knees in the bathroom, scrubbing at the floor, and two of the studs burst in, surrounding him. They tear off the surprised private's clothes, brining him onto his knees and holding his face in place so that they can bang his mouth. The dominant and more experienced soldiers stuff their young companion down on the ground, shoving their hard pricks into his tight rump hole and jerking his meatstick while they fuck his rump. Finally the two guys spunk off on to the new guy's face.

Martial Arts Class Teaches Hardcore Anal

Duration: 17m, 24s, Starring Chris Russel, Janos Volt, Jonathan Wesley, Roberto Giorgio

(Not Rated)

It's a special late-night training in the martial arts school, and the diehard members of the class are rolling around on the ground together, thrusting and fighting manfully. Soon it just gets too much for these horny gay men, and they tear off each other's uniforms and begin to suck on each others' cocks. They pair off in to two couples, and lie down on the floor of the dojo, vigorously sodomising one another and the air of the martial arts school is filled with the cries and screams of hardcore homosexual butt sex. Two assholes get creamed with semen and then the other guys have to jerk themselves off all over their own stomachs.

Hot Gay Gymnasts Going Fucking

Duration: 24m, 48s, Starring Ben Mason, Janos Volt, Roberto Giorgio

(1 Vote)

If there's one thing that I've always wanted to see in gay porn, it's a gay gymnast. There is just something about imagining all that flexibility in one package - especially the ones that can put their feet behind their heads. Now that is the kind of guy that I would love to get to know better. Ben Mason, Janos Volt, and Robert Giorgio might start things off simply enough, but before long they are naked in the locker room and kissing all over each other. This is one gay threesome that I'll always remember.

Gay Gloryhole and Fetish Fucking

Duration: 22m, 54s, Starring Ben Mason, Danno, George, Janos Volt, Randy Jones

(1 Vote)

There is a ton going on in this scene, so much so that you'll need to watch it over and over again just to take all of it in. First off, let me go over the cast of big dick gay men in this one. There is Ben Mason, Janos Volt, Randy Jones, Danno, and George. I told you there was a lot going on! It starts off with all but one of the guys putting their dicks through a gloryhole, with the sub going from hole to hole and sucking on all of those dicks. Then they end up in on wild fucked up leather orgy with leather, whips, and bareback fucking.

Private Beach Turns Into Gay Fuckfest

Duration: 20m, 47s, Starring Janos Volt, Renato Bellagio, Roberto Giorgio

(Not Rated)

Janos Volt seems to have a pretty popular following, and given the amount of outdoor gay sex scenes he stars in I can see why. This guy is cute to begin with, and he also knows how to find some of the hottest locations anywhere. They start off by water skiing, which looks quite a bit more fun than I would imagine. Robert Giorgio and Renato Bellagio join our sultry hottie in his waterside escapades, and they end up sucking, fucking, and rimming right on the beach among the rocky shore. Now that's a hot scene.

Gay Fuck Fest in Seedy Back Alley

Duration: 24m, 8s, Starring Janos Volt, Jonathan Collins, Jose Gannati, Roberto Giorgio

(1 Vote)

Janos Volt, Robert Giorgio, Jose Gannati, and Jonathan Collins are the types of guys that you don't want to fuck with - they are all hard as fuck bikers, and although it doesn't seem like they would be gay after all of the posturing they do end up having one wild orgy. I love watching them all going wild with each other, with a ton of fucking and licking, sucking and rimming - god it is so fucking awesome, and seeing them all naked and hard is just a treat in and of itself - could you imagine what it would be like to be there with them?

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