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Hot Muscle Men Kissing and Licking

Duration: 17m, 30s, Starring Adam West, Jeremy Bulge

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Jeremy Bulge and Adam West are both well muscled men - I would almost call them bears, except that they don't have nearly enough body hair for that kind of thing. They are fucking hot, especially if you're into slightly older men. They start off rather romantically, kissing and cuddling on the couch. I love watching them do that, it's so damn sweet - and it's a nice offset to how wild they get with the fucking and pounding right over the arm of the couch. Goddamn they are gorgeous when they're horny.

Leather Men Fucked in Threesome

Duration: 23m, 31s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Gary Bean, Joseph Saint

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Fernando Nielsen is the type of guy that just loves threesomes, especially when he's paired up with two men in leather. These guys are all slightly older and hunky I would say, and they start off in a rather violent scene. However, they soon come to a compromise that ends up with Joseph Saint and Gary Bean stripping down and getting fucked. That sounds like a good compromise to me, and I have no problem sitting back and enjoying every second of it. They even go for some docking, which I don't see too often.

Four Guys Get In On In Major Fuck Fest

Duration: 18m, 55s, Starring Charles Growe, George Surge, Harry, Kyle

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We are greeted with two guys who go into a hot tub and are already making out. As one starts sucking the others dick they are caught by two more guys. Pretty soon they're all on some type of furniture and two guys are having their dicks sucked by the other two. Before long two of the guys are getting fucked up the ass by the other two. As one's getting fucked he's also giving himself a hand job. Then all four guys are sitting on the couch next to each other and two of the guys are riding the two that are actually sitting on the couch with their dicks. Those two guys are loving getting ridden by the other two.

A Wild Gay Orgy In Army Boot Camp

Duration: 22m, 57s, Starring Davis, Fabrice Felder, George Surge, Ned

(Not Rated)

Fabrice Felder, George Surge, Davis and Ned were all on an Army training exercise out in the colds of the norther tundra. After a long day in the ice they went back to their bunker where they stripped off and started stroking and blowing each other to stay warm. As the fun continued and things heated up these guys were laying each other around on the tables and fucking every hole in sight. It was a full blown gay orgy with soldiers sucking and fucking each other then they all laid side by site and jerked off. Like a finely trained unit they all came together.

Horny Gay Hijinks In The Doctor's Office

Duration: 23m, 31s, Starring Ian, John, Steve, Tony

(1 Vote)

Two athletic jocks help their injured teammate into the doctor's office. The concerned doctor takes a look at the young man's injured leg, and immediately recommends a good massage followed by a deepthroat blowjob! All four muscular men get naked, and there is plenty of fine, toned flesh on offer in this foursome gay scene. The doctor sucks off the injured man on the bed, while the other two teammates engage in some hardcore back door action while they are bent over the examination table. All four men gather round each other at the end, comparing penises and jacking off all over each other until there is semen sprayed everywhere.

Dominant Stud Enjoys Two Gay Cocksuckers

Duration: 17m, 21s, Starring Fabian, Fernando Nielsen, Kyle

(Not Rated)

There are three muscular jocks living in this apartment, and occasionally the sexual tension spills over into an outright gay orgy. In this particular clip, a stud with long hair stands proudly in front of his two subordinate bitches, while they get down on their knees and suck his big cock. These eager cocksuckers really know how to work a dick, sucking it right down to the base and sharing the shaft. One guy licks the balls and the ass hole while the other guy deepthroats the longer haired guy. The two bottom bitches play around with each other while the long haired guy watches, and then the he spunks off all over the two cocksuckers.

Three Guys All Fuck In The Shower Room

Duration: 18m, 37s, Starring Antwan, Bob, Kyle

(Not Rated)

We start off with three guys who are in the shower just cleaning off. As one is cleaning off his dick is growing long and he shows the other two. Before long they're all making out all their dicks hard and stiff. Pretty soon two of them are rubbing their dicks against each other while jerking them off. Pretty soon the guy in the middle is bent over giving the one in front of him a blow job as the one behind him enters his ass and starts fucking him good.Then one guy lays on the floor and another climbs on top and starts riding his dick as he's giving the other guy a blow job. Then they switch off on the floor each one getting fucked.

Three Gay Wrestlers on the Mat

Duration: 17m, 32s, Starring Gionny, Kyle, Ted

(Not Rated)

I always have gay wrestler fantasies, but watching it in a porn video is just so beyond awesome for me - especially the way that it starts. Kyle is standing in between Gionny and Ted, and once he walks up they stop wrestling and start running their tongues up and down his dick. They both take one side of his cock, and he works it in between them for quite some time before they finally get to the actual blowjob. After that they get to the fucking, working their dicks into each other's tight stud asses.

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