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Gay Military Men Fucking by Plane

Duration: 19m, 38s, Starring Alex James, Gordon Rammer, Iain O'Keefe

(Not Rated)

I don't know how horny it would have made me if they had ended up fucking on the plane itself, but them fucking right outside the plane is even hotter. Alex James, Gordon Rammer, and Iain O'Keefe get together in one amazing gay tryst in the middle of nowhere. They are fucking right outside of the plane, leaning up against the wings while they spit the one guy in between them. He's sucking away at one dick while his ass is getting worked more and more by a long, stiff gay cock that won't stop. His lips keep on getting tighter and tighter.

High Class Men in Gay Threesome

Duration: 22m, 49s, Starring Anatole, Gregorey, Leslie Manzel

(Not Rated)

Leslie Manzel, Anatole, and Gregorey are the type of guys that are in high society - and you never expect to see gay guys like this. They have really muscular bodies, big dicks, and well - I love every last bit of them. Once they get naked it's easy to see exactly what they're going on about. Their dicks are already hard, and the hottest part of this scene happens to be when they have one guy sucking at the dicks while the other two are slowly kissing each other right above his head. Now that's hot as fuck.

Six Guys Go At It Hard Core In Field

Duration: 26m, 16s, Starring Bobby Fresh, Charley, Frank Rogers, Harry Staffe, Yanic

(1 Vote)

We start of with three guys walking. Soon they see two other guys, which turns to three, making out in a field and they hide behind a hay stack. Before long the tree guys are making out hardcore and totally naked. Two of the guys are getting their dicks sucked. Then the three guys come out from behind the hay stack and join the other three guys. Pretty soon all six of them are on the ground and a huge dick sucking fest is going on. Every gy has a dick in his mouth. Before long they pair off and soon some guys are getting ass fucked. One is even getting his dick sucked while being fucked in the ass hard.

Lots Of Hot Guys Have Major Fuck Fest

Duration: 24m, 27s, Starring Dave Sanders, Fernando Nielsen, Igor, Lester, Ryan Love

(4 Votes)

We start off with a ton of guys on a boat out on the water. It doesn't take long for one guys shorts to come off and anther to start sucking his dick while he makes out with another guy tat has joined in. Pretty soon most of the guys are making out with each other in some way, either sucking another guys dick or getting their dick sucked or their ass licked. Then the boat pulls ashore and they're by a pool and in pairs before they kind of clump together and bunch up into threes. Before long one guy is getting fucked while he's sucking on two other guys dicks. Before long it's night fall a and they're still fucking each other.

Three Guys Fuck One Guy Hard In Ass

Duration: 20m, 51s, Starring Jeff Small, Nick Georges, Timmy Boy, Victor

(Not Rated)

We start off with three guys raiding an apartment. When they bust open the door the guy inside drops his towel to reveal his naked ass and puts his hands up. Before long the other three guys have taken off their raiding outfits and all four are making out. Before long two of the guys are sucking the other two's dicks, playing with them with their tongues and taking them eagerly into their mouths. Pretty soon all four are lined up on the couch and one is standing, and all but one are getting their dicks sucked. Before long one guy is getting fucked up the ass while the other two watch and masturbate.Then the three raiders take turns on one guy

Sexy Foursome Gay Cocksucking

Duration: 19m, 53s, Starring Ben Kind, Dave Sanders, Hector Hugo, Oliver

(1 Vote)

It's the end of the college year, and these four gay studs are out to party. After a wild night, they get back home and things really get nasty. Two guys stand up, kissing each other and rubbing each others' hard cocks and washboard abs while the other two guys kneel in front of them, giving them sloppy blowjobs. There is oral sex all round, and then some hardcore sodomy. The guys swap around several times and each guy gets to feel what it feels like to be inside another of the men's assholes. Four huge cumshots complete the scene and semen sprays everywhere. Don't miss this incredible gay foursome!

Hunky Military Men in Group Sex Orgy

Duration: 17m, 44s, Starring Carl, Irvine, Kyle, Lance, Olly

(Not Rated)

Five military men - five very horny military men. Doesn't that sound like the perfect set up for a gay porn? Lance, Irvine, Carl, Olly and Kyle decide to let off their frustrations by working their dicks together, but what starts out as a way to relax ends up being one of the hottest gay military orgies that I think I have ever watched. Their bodies are smooth and bulky, and although they aren't all fucking at once there are five dicks out and at the ready at all times. Now that's the perfect type of gay group sex.

Riverside Adventure Leads to Gay 3some

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Dan Oliver, Dave Sanders, Frank Smith

(Not Rated)

Dave Sanders, Dan Oliver, and Frank Smith end up going on an epic river adventure, rafting down the river and really enjoying themselves. They pull off at a secluded space, taking off their life vests and then getting it on with each other. This is one of the best gay threesomes that I've ever seen, even if the video is sub titled. The sun beats down on them but that doesn't bother them at all. They just keep on sucking and fucking each other, knowing that no one is going to bother them or their great 3some.

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