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The Pledge Master Proxy

The Pledgemaster And Fred Johansen Have Some Blindfolded Fun

Duration: 10m, 23s, Starring Fred Johansen

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Fred is a fresh faced, corn-fed blond stud who is desperate for the acceptance of a fraternity. He thinks it's a bit strange when he is asked to come to a strange and deserted house for his initiation, but he really wants to get in to the club! By the time he is blindfolded and handcuffed, his clothes getting torn off by his masked initiator, it's too late to back out. Although Fred is blindfolded, we get to see everything as he stands completely nude underneath a bright spotlight. He's got a gorgeous, well muscled body and a nice big cock - and his ass is surprisingly receptive to his initiator's very rough anal fingering!

Big Cock Jerod Jerked Until He Spunks

Duration: 5m, 2s, Starring Jerod Stevens

(Not Rated)

Straight stud Jerod has got an amazing body - and a fucking incredible cock! This clip gets straight into the action, with young Jerod blindfolded and handcuffed by his dirtyinitiator. Even with his boxers still on, you can see just how big Jerod's dick is - and when he gets fully nude, your jaw will drop to the floor, because it is fucking huge! It's at least 9 inches long and extremely thick, pointing straight up towards the sky. He grunts and tries to keep his ass cheeks closed as his initiator roughly fingers him, cramming two and then three fingers right in the virgin ass. Jerod also gets involuntarily jerked off.

College Stud Tricked Into Finger Up Ass

Duration: 6m, 47s, Starring Kal

(Not Rated)

Innocent European college student Kal gets tricked into participating in a dirtyinitiation. Thinking that he is about to be inducted into the best fraternity on campus, he turns up to an anonymous man's house and allows himself to be blindfolded, handcuffed and jacked off. He is an extremely good-looking young man with gorgeous eyes and an extremely skinny body - but that cock is superb! The blindfolded stud gets on his knees and sucks his initiator's medium-sized cock, and also has his own prick worked by the initiator's hand and mouth. However, the hottest part is when Kal bends over and has a finger shoved right up his ass!

Cute Young Stud Fooled In To Anal Sex

Duration: 7m, 10s, Starring Wes

(Not Rated)

Clean cut young Latino Wes doesn't need to be blindfolded to be convinced to get involved in some nasty man on man action in this dirtyvid. His fraudulent initiated meets him in a sleazy hotel room, convincing the young stud that he is about to be initiated into one of the most exclusive fraternities on canvas. Little does this good-looking and innocent young stud know, but he is about to be used in his mouth and his ass and then left soiled in the gutter! There are some great close-ups of Wes' face as he gets fucked in the ass with a dildo and a cock, wincing as his virtually virginal butt gets its first real stretching.

Blond Twink Rough Rammed By Three Guys

Duration: 7m, 54s, Starring Billy, Paul, Troy

(Not Rated)

There's a look of pure fear on the face of tender blond twink Troy as he gets surrounded by three strapping college studs at the beginning of this hardcore initiation fuck movie. He is just a slender little guy, dwarfed by the muscular bulk of these three hulking initiators - and they also packing three enormous cocks to go with their toned bodies! He gets bent over and roughly fingered in his tight ass before the studs start up a steady pumping, one man taking over as each one tires. What that means is that Troy gets drilled in his ass for the entire duration of the video, leaving him with his sphincter gaping wide open.

Young Initiate Takes Two Dicks Anally

Duration: 3m, 54s, Starring Gabriel

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Eager young homosexual Gabriel gets ridden roughshod in this hardcore threesome sex initiation video. Right from the opening scene he is getting drilled in his ass by one stud while he sucks the dick of another; although he screws up his face and winces with some of the really deep thrusts, he barely makes a whimper of complaint - he'll do whatever these young studs order him to do in order to get into this esteemed fraternity! The two men take turns riding his butt and also shoving their hard pricks down his throat, making him suck the filthy ass juices off their schlongs. He gets tied up and jerked to orgasm at the end of the video.

Desperate Stud Takes Rough Ass Fingering

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Ty

(Not Rated)

Young stud Ty might be good looking but he's really quite nervous guy who will do anything for the acceptance of a fraternity. If that means stripping off and getting fucked in the ass with a dildo, then so be it! He doesn't protest as his initiator blindfolds him and ties his hands behind his back so that he is completely helpless, standing stark naked underneath a bright spotlight. He gets jerked off briefly, which causes his thick cock to stir, and then he is bent over and ordered to touch his toes. Without much further ado the initiator shoves two of his gloved fingers into the young man's butt, spreading the ass cheeks wide!

Police Officer Captured And Tied Up Nude

Duration: 6m, 42s, Starring Officer Hinckley

(Not Rated)

At first we see this hot young police officer soaping himself up in the shower. He's clean cut, with a toned and muscular body - exactly the kind of stud you would expect to be an enforcer of the long arm of the law. However, then we see him coming too, completely naked in a dark dungeon - he has been captured by a filthy fraudulent initiator who is tricking his way into jerking off college studs! The police officer is tied up naked with his hands above his head, leaving his groin completely exposed. His cruel captor ties a heavy length of rope around the ballsack, squeezing his package until the cock and balls are bright purple and aching.

Blond College Pledge Jerked Till Cumshot

Duration: 4m, 14s, Starring Jack

(Not Rated)

This is one gorgeous blond stud with a fucking magnificent cock! This video gets straight into the action, with blindfolded college pledge Jack standing there with his hands tied behind his back and his big cock poking out the slit in his boxers. His gloved and hooded initiator starts to jerk him, hefting the meaty length in his hand. He takes Jack's underpants off the rest of the way, revealing a tight and toned set pale buttocks along with a full ball sack as that big dick swells to its maximum size. It really is a superb shaft, pointing straight to the roof; the initiator picks up the pace of his pumping, soon making Jack spurt.

Cute Stud Whimpers While Anally Fingered

Duration: 12m, 18s, Starring Zane

(Not Rated)

Good looking young college stud Zane is laughing, smiling and joking around at the beginning of this bizarre frat initiation. He starts to look little bit disturbed when his masked initiator tells him to take off his shirt, and he tries to pull his head away as a blindfold is tied around his face; however, soon he is blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back and completely helpless! Even though he claims to be straight, his dick instantly get stiff as his initiator grabs it, jerking the foreskin back and forth and then starting to suck. However, Zane grunts and whimpers as the initiator shoves his gloved hands up his ass!

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