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Two Hot Guys Go At It In Shower Room

Duration: 17m, 11s, Starring Phil Collins, Roberto Girogio

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We see Roberto and Phil in the gym working out. Before long they're in the showers and making out, giving each others long hard cocks a hand job and rubbing them hard against each other. Before long one guy is giving the other an amazing blow job and then they switch off. Before long they're making out again and one guy is holding both dicks pressed together in his hand and is giving them both a hand job. It doesn't take long for one guy to sit on top of the other and ride his dick with his ready waiting ass hole. He continues to get his ass rammed until the other guy pulls out and cums on his ass. Then he cums all over his own stomach.

Lumberjacks Take A Break To Fuck

Duration: 21m, 40s, Starring Josh Heart, Martin Bonetti, Roberto Girogio, Tom Bloom

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Cutting trees down all day topless in tight, short jean shorts have really made these guys think about some other type of wood, so they went with their urges and went after each other's rock hard bodies. While two guys were messing around at a lookout point, licking each other's nipples and sucking each other's dicks, so were the guys on the ground. They took hold of a meaty cock and started sucking as well as they could, while the breeze whipped through the trees across their ripped, muscular bodies. The whisper of the wind was replaced by loud moans as every guy got a stiff boning, when all four guys got together to share in their passion.

Roberto Bill Kyle Tag Team Jim Sox's Tight Ass

Duration: 21m, 24s, Starring Bill Banx, Jim Sox, Kyle Hebert, Roberto Girogio

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While these two guys were getting naughty in the hot tub, enrobing each other's tongues and dicks with saliva, two hired hitmen were waiting outside to act on a hit put out on them. But once they saw them sucking each other off, they couldn't control their passions, and went after each other! They kept watching them and blowing one another, and when they started sucking, so did the hitmen! They finally decided to join them in getting wet and boning, and without a word, they were engaged in a raunchy gay foursome. They all took turns sucking and fucking, and then kissed while one guys jerked off. When he blew his load, they continued fucking.

Millionaire Has Two Well Trained Suckers

Duration: 21m, 28s, Starring Conner, Oliver, Roberto Girogio

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Millionaire gay stud Roberto keeps a number of well muscled studs around in his mansion for his degenerate sexual pleasure. Today he walks down the a plush stairs, completely naked. He has got an amazing body, with rock hard six pack abdominal muscles and a long, throbbing cock. He keeps two other muscular studs in a cranny underneath the stairs. He sticks his cock through the hole and they obediently begin to suck. He brings his slaves out for the day, lying down while they take turns riding his big cock with their tight sphincters. If you love to see well muscled guys getting it on, don't miss this hot gay sex scene!

Five Gay Dudes Have Hot Orgy In Alley

Duration: 22m, 59s, Starring Janos Volt, Niles, Roberto Girogio, Tomy

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Five horny gay men hook up in a filthy alley way for a hardcore homosexual orgy. The guys pair off, with three guys going together and the other two kissing in the corner. In the threesome, one guy stands up while the other two guys kneel in front of him, worshiping his cock as they suckle on it and lick the balls. The other two guys have a hot 69 and then it's straight into some hardcore doggystyle anal sex. Soon everyone is touching and rubbing up against one another, and everyone has a turn at fucking some tight man ass! The guys stand around in a circle, jerking off all over each other to complete this excellent gay group sex scene.

New Recruit Roughly Fucked In His Butt

Duration: 14m, 8s, Starring Grigori Suckov, Roberto Girogio, Yuri

(1 Vote)

There is a new recruit at the Army base, and two of the most xxx homosexuals in the squad want a piece of his virgin booty. They waylay the newcomer in the mess hall, late one night after the rest of the recruits have gone to bed. The man is initially shocked, but when he realises that he has no way out of this homosexual encounter, he resigns himself to his fate. The two guys make the new stud suck them off, and then one dude lies down on the ground with the new dude, ramming his tool into his tight butt hole. The two mans hold the new dude down while they fuck him in the backside, swapping around several times before they jizz on him.

Four Gay Swingers Swap Anal Partners

Duration: 15m, 21s, Starring Aster, Frank, Petr, Roberto Girogio

(1 Vote)

Four horny gay men hook up at a nightclub and head back to one of their houses after closing time. The gay couples pair off, with each pair taking a separate couch to get busy on. First there is just cocksucking, and a lot of gagging and slurping on hard pricks. Then the anal begins. The submissive bottoms in each couple lie down, spreading their legs and baring their ass holes in preparation for hardcore anal reaming. These guys really get it, and halfway through the two dominant studs swap around, so each guy gets a taste of some submissive gay ass. Four massive cumshots conclude this great homosexual partner swapping clip.

Sucking And Fucking Each Other's Dicks

Duration: 18m, 53s, Starring Johnny Smythe, Roberto Girogio

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These two guys didn't waste any time in the golden palace; as the Arabian music played in the background, these two were heavily into a hot 69, slurping and drooling all over each other's cocks. One of them got up and offered up his asshole to his friend to lick, and then got his asshole fingered. It was opened even wider when he slid his cock inside of him, grabbing him by his hips and pounding away at his butt. They both laid down and he pushed his dick in from behind, slapping his balls with his own every time he thrusted. He pulled out and let him suck it until he came all over his boner, and then watched as he jerked off and came.

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