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The Water Bed

Three Builders In Hot Gay Oral Sex Orgy

Duration: 25m, 2s, Starring Gil, Johnny Muttonchops, Turd

(Not Rated)

Three good-looking guys are working on a building site together. Before this job, none of them were known to one another - and none of these guys knows that the rest are 100% gay! However, there is no mistaking the lustful glances that they cast towards one another during the day's work, especially once it gets hot and the guys remove their T-shirts. They go back to one man's house at the end of the day, ostensibly for a drink, taking off their shirts once again and sitting topless on the sofa. Of course, before you know it, these three horny homosexual builders are sucking each others' dicks in a flagrant display of gay lust!

Homo Men Get It On On A Water Bed

Duration: 16m, 37s, Starring Gil, Johnny Muttonchops, Turd

(Not Rated)

In this vintage clip, a couple of naked manly men roll around on a jiggly water bed, having great fun as they horse around and wrestle with one another. They both soon collapse back on the bed, exhausted and breathing heavily from all the exertion. They decide to work up more of a sweat in a funner fashion, and Johnny slides down Gil's body to suck his hard cock. Johnny blows Gil long and deep, and they're soon joined by another couple of men. They all get each other off with much sucking and fucking.

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