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Twinks For Cash 2

Makeup Guy Gets It Rough In His Butthole

Duration: 25m, 33s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Ivan

(2 Votes)

This queen's going to get it rough! His name is Ivan, and from his carefully manicured eye brows and the amount of eye shadow that he is wearing, you'd think this guy was a tranny! He poses seductively in the corner, looking into the camera lens with bedroom eyes. He doesn't hesitate to pull down his pants and to show off his buttocks - you can tell that he's done this before! Soon the cameraman has laid down his lens, lifting a different type of tool, which he proceeds to insert into Ivan's mouth! The horny couple fuck like rabbits in all kinds of positions, using all the office furniture for all types of sick bedroom acrobatics.

Straight Acting Stud Gets It Hard Anally

Duration: 25m, 44s, Starring Alan, Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny

(1 Vote)

Extremely good-looking and masculine stud Alan is a straight acting guy who wants to be a male model. He poses fully clothed while the photographer takes a few photos, and only hesitates slightly when asked to get topless. Soon the straight acting stud is sitting on a chair while the photographer kneels between his thighs, eagerly sucking his cock! He even gets an ass licking from the horny cameraman! Desperate to get himself a gig as a model, Alan lowers himself down on the photographer's prick and begins to buck up and down. Soon he is bent over the office desk, slammed hard and repeatedly in his anus, taking the full length.

Cute Little Twink Banged Twice Anally

Duration: 25m, 31s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Dutch Malone

(1 Vote)

What better way to score yourself a whole bunch of hot young guys than to set up a fake male modeling agency? Today's victim is bleached blond haired twink Dutch, a good-looking and naive cutie with ideas of fame and fortune. He is quite happy to pose for a few snaps, and doesn't even bat an eyelid as the photographer encourages him to get completely naked. Soon the horny little twink is sucking the photographer's cock, getting the dick nice and hard for his ass hole! Both photographer and his bald headed partner end up banging this little twink in the ass, plundering his butt until it is gaping wide open and burning like it's on fire.

Sweet Dark Twink A Blast To Fuck

Duration: 25m, 28s, Starring Casper, Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny

(Not Rated)

This twink is adorable with his sexy dark hair and bright smile and genuine laughter. He is a lot of fun and makes sure everyone is having a good time. He gets to suck two very large cocks and he does it well and with gusto. After fingering his own ass he climbs on board and rides the magic cock. No matter what position he gets fucked in this sweet twink wants it harder and wants it deeper and can whack his own wood while jacking a second guy at the same time. This cutie has skills and he has looks.

Wannabe Male Model Gets A Butt Fucking

Duration: 24m, 29s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Orion

(Not Rated)

Dennis and Damian meet good-looking young stud Orion at a party, inviting him to come to their modeling agency the next day. This guy is extremely good-looking and somewhat naive, an easy victim for a couple of exploitative fuckers like this! He really wants to get into the modeling industry but with no portfolio and no money, he doesn't have a chance - that is, unless he pays with his mouth and his ass! Before you know it the stud is showing off his rock hard chest, before he gets completely naked and starts sucking on the cameraman's penis. He gets a hardcore ass fucking, lying on his back submissively while he gets butt plugged.

Long Haired Cocksucker Loves Hard Anal

Duration: 25m, 53s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Lazlo

(Not Rated)

One look at this long haired cocksucker and you know that he is ready for exploitation! Most guys wouldn't expect to strip off and show their tattooed chests during a job interview, but this guy doesn't hesitate, even leaning against the wall with his legs spread as if he is about to be frisked by the police. When you come across a submissive ass bandit like this, you have no choice but to take him for all he's worth - you never know when you are going to get another chance to hammer a guy's ass like this! Both the long haired twink and his interviewer enjoy sucking each others' dicks and then fucking each other's butts.

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