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First Time Gay For Pay On Flim

Duration: 25m, 40s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Raul Ohio

(1 Vote)

Sexy guy comes in for a modeling shoot and has no issues about modeling in his underwear, for a price that is. Good looking and curious our guy kneels in front of the almighty cock and starts giving it the praise it deserves which means oral praise. After a few minutes he is ready to blow both guys and preparing himself for taking it up the ass. He actually takes it pretty well and doesn't scream in pain, but then again, he has only taken on the smaller cock and still has the big monster cock to take on next.

Straight Goes Gay For Pay And Loves It

Duration: 25m, 33s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Rico

(2 Votes)

Sexy twink with a bit of a build and a tasty sweet ass pulls down his white underwear for money. Without asking he starts touching himself and making himself horny. Shortly he puts a cock in his mouth for the very first time and learns how to make another guy happy. He then learns what it feels like to have a guys mouth around his cock and it makes him moan. As with any first time sex he isn't all that comfortable but he does seem to enjoy it after a while and starts to stroke his own cock to get off.

Straight Twink Takes It For Money

Duration: 25m, 54s, Starring Corbin Michaels, Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny

(2 Votes)

Money can buy you just about anything, including love, sort of. This short twink comes in to try to be a model and he is offered some extra money to remove his shirt and pants. He looks so damn cute in his tightie whities. With a little convincing he agrees to go gay for pay. He is treated to the royal treatment including ass eating, cock stroking and cock sucking. His ass is so tight though it is hard for him to just open up and handle the big dick fucking him but he really gives it a go and tries to enjoy it.

Short Twink Take Large Cock In Ass

Duration: 25m, 43s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Luke

(Not Rated)

When Dennis Lonny and Damian Ford interview Luke they see that he is indeed a very hot petite twink. He is outgoing and smiles a lot. It doesn't take much convincing or much cash to convince him to get naked and do the dirty with the guys. He really gets into getting his cock sucked and then ends up on his knees giving head to the two waiting cocks. Now this guy can take a cock up his ass with ease and not only enjoys it but beats himself off. Now the second cock he takes is bigger and harder to get in his ass but this guy is a trooper and takes it like a twink.

Cute Twink Does First Gay Scene

Duration: 25m, 50s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Giovanny

(1 Vote)

Good looking twink auditions for a modeling job but it goes a lot further than that. All of his morals get pushed aside when cold hard cash is shoved in his pocket. When he pulls down his pants you can tell he is a bit nervous, trying to hide his dick but the thought of a lot of money wins him over. With the deal sealed our hot twink agrees to do the dirty dead and fuck Damian Ford. On his knees he gently puts Damian's cock in his mouth and when the hormones kick in he goes wild and eventually lets hm do anal. His ass is so tight it is like a vice grip and you can tell he is having a very difficult time taking it all in.

Young Buck Gets Cum All Over Him

Duration: 25m, 46s, Starring Damian Ford, Dennis Lonny, Mark

(2 Votes)

The boys are on the hunt for a modeling prospect. They find young latino eager eager for cash. During their test shoot, they do their thing and get him out of his clothes for a few extra dollars. Next thing you know, he's got a cock in his mouth like he's done this before. One thing leads to another and he's taking it from both ends. With a dick in his ass, and a cock in his mouth he's definitely working hard to earn those dollars. He had dreams of becoming a model but instead becomes a cum dumpster for two horny guys.

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