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Up For Grabs

Chubby Stud Takes Muscle Guy's Big Cock

Duration: 20m, 14s, Starring Austin, Ryan

(2 Votes)

In this lovely anal sex and cumshot video, real life amateur couple Austin and Ryan show how they like to get dirty. Austin is a tall, strapping and muscular stud with a fantastic chest and great abs. Ryan is his submissive anal boy toy, slightly chubby and nerdy - the perfect receptacle for his daddy's cum! Austin is completely dominant over the submissive bottom Ryan, who gives the muscle stud a hot blow job and then willingly gives up his tight ass. Austin obviously doesn't give a shit about Ryan's pleasure; Ryan furiously jerks his own little dick while Austin ruts him in the ass, intent on filling his boyfriend's butt with his jizz.

Trent And Dominic Masturbate Together

Duration: 15m, 40s, Starring Dominic, Trent Stone

(1 Vote)

In this double masturbation clip, sexy young twink Trent is teamed up with dominant, shaven headed real man Dominic. Whilst Trent looks like he is barely out of school, Dominic has a sexy shaved head and an extremely hairy chest - not to mention an extremely thick patch of hair above his big cock and balls! The two guys lie side by side, with Trent in an obvious state of lust as he looks at the older man's sexy body and large dick. Trent looks slightly disappointed when he looks at his own medium-sized cock - because Dominic is really packing! The two guys unfortunately don't play with each other, just jerking themselves off.

Young Skateboarders Try Some Oral Sex

Duration: 12m, 25s, Starring Trent Stone

(1 Vote)

If you like your bois young, you will definitely be rock hard as you watch these cute young skateboarders stripping and showing their hard dicks. All that exercise has given them toned and skinny bodies - both of these young chaps have got superb abs. The cocks aren't too bad either! One stud leans over and starts blowing his friend, who seems a bit more inhibited, but is still eager to get his dick sucked on camera. The cocksucker is very eager, guiding his new boyfriend's hands around the back of his head and encouraging him to take over and dominantly fuck his mouth. It's a huge cumshot - these young bucks really produce a lot of sperm!

College Athletes Have Incredible Bodies

Duration: 13m, 51s, Starring Cade Devilin, Rusty, Thomas Dyke

(4 Votes)

God damn - there are some hot college guys out there, but these two studs really take the cake! They merely look cute with their clothes on, but when they strip off and show those fantastic well muscled chests, your mouth will be watering with lust. These young athletes are absolute perfection - any man's wet dream! There's also real chemistry between them as they bend over playfully and spank each other on the ass; then they take turns eating each others' dicks and tight assholes. There is even some brief anal sex before they jerk themselves off side by side, racing each other to see who can cum first and shoot the hardest.

Shy Amateurs Indugle In Hot Cocksucking

Duration: 26m, 26s, Starring Austin, Rusty

(2 Votes)

Neither of these young college studs, Austin and Rusty, are professional porn studs; instead, they are just enthusiastic young amateurs who want to make a porno. At first they are obviously quite nervous, both because they are on camera for the first time and because they don't know each other. They shyly strip off, casting covert glances at each others' dicks out of the corners of their eyes; finally blond Austin makes his move, ducking his head towards the other man's fat schlong. Once he's got a mouthful of dick, Austin loses his inhibitions, and Rusty is so turned on that he can't wait to drill this blond cocksucker in the ass!

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