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Wakacje Z Fiutami

Cheater Gets Sodomized Until He Cries

Duration: 17m, 17s, Starring Carlos, Erik, Tyson

(1 Vote)

When slutty blond whore Erik tries to seduce another man's boyfriend, he gets what's coming to him - a sore backside hole! He gets nude with porn stud Tyson, who decides to get naked and nasty with Erik against his better judgement. However, just as they are getting down to the anal sex, the door swings open - its Tyson's boyfriend Carlos, and boy is he angry! However, rather than beating Erik up or throwing him out, he decides to exact revenge the only way he knows how - with his masculine, rock hard cock! Tyson and Carlos' relationship is strengthened as they run a train on Erik's ass.

Shower Blowjob Leads To Anal Cock Riding

Duration: 13m, 57s, Starring Erik, Jayme

(Not Rated)

Blond cock sucker Erik walks in on his boyfriend Jayme as he is in the shower. At first Jayme looks naked and disarmed, but then he regains his composure and beckons for Erik to join him under the hot water. The two men soap each other up, cleaning their dicks and asses; then Erik lowers his face to his man's cock, licking and sucking. Out of the shower, Jayme dons a condom, sitting down and pulling Erik down on top of his pole. Erik is an experienced ass slut, and the dick slides right in; then Jayme lies back and relaxes as Erik grinds his anus on the dick until he feels the hot spurt in his butt. He's a good anal boi toy!

Guys Pick Up Teen For First Time Gay Experience

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Kyle, Rico, Tyler

(1 Vote)

This gay threesome movie starts off innocently enough, with Kyle picking up his friend Tyler and giving him a lift to the mechanic. Tyler is greeted by the mechanic with a blatant crotch grab - it's obvious how he is going to end up paying for the work on his vehicle! Kyle peeks from outside the garage, watching as Tyler gets bent over by the mechanic and fucked in his ass over the hood of his own car. Kyle starts to masturbate, but then he catches the eye of the mechanic, who grins at him and beckons for him to come and take a ride of his friend's ass. Slutty and submissive Tyler ends up getting reamed in the butt by both men!

Four Factory Workers Have Hot Anal Orgy

Duration: 13m, 52s, Starring Bobby, Hector, Nigel

(Not Rated)

Sitting around in the lunch room, the bell rings for these blue-collar workers to get back on the job - but they completely ignore it, instead deciding to have a hot four way cocksucking and ass fucking session! The handsome but uneducated men strip off their drab overalls as they pair off, pushing each other other up on to the lunchroom tables for some steamy dick slurping and ass slobbering action. There are some great close-ups of the oral - tongues on dicks and inside moist assholes - but then the anal is even hotter, with the guys alternately riding each other and doing each other hard in doggy over the cool metal tables.

Sex Photo Session Turns To Bareback Orgy

Duration: 27m, 25s, Starring Carlos, Erik, Nelson, Rico, Tyler

(Not Rated)

In this stylized gay group sex movie, an erotic photographer organises a sex show for two of his friends - but this degenerates into an all-out no condom orgy! At first two good-looking studs sit on the leather sofa as they watch the photographer at work; his two models are on a mattress on the floor, romantically surrounded by candles as they suck each other off in 69. The eroticism of the scene is too much for the viewers and they start removing their clothes as they kiss on the lips; soon all boundaries between work and leisure are forgotten as the guys swap from partner two-parter, blowing each other and fucking each other in the ass!

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