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Damon Stavros And Niko Xien Share Anthony Shaw

Duration: 16m, 37s, Starring Anthony Shaw, Damon Stavros, Niko Xien

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For gay porn beginnings, this does happen to be one of the weirdest ones I think I've ever seen. There are two dudes sword fighting, another guy on his back and with six cocks getting stroked right above him, waiting to blow, and well - does it need to get any weirder than that. The meat of the matter is that Anthony Shaw, Niko Xien, and Damon Stavros all end up getting their hands on each other's gorgeous hard bodies and fucking the hell out of each other. It's a weird setting to be sure, but it certainly does keep things interesting.

Big Dick Gay Guys Fucking in Locker Room

Duration: 15m, 46s, Starring Bobby Golden, Gura, Jacob Ridley, Jay Ross, Michael Brandon

(1 Vote)

There are so many big dicks in this scene that I almost don't know where to look first. There's Michael Brandon, Bobby Golden, Jay Ross, Gura, and Jacob Ridley who all pop up in this scene at one point or another, and they all have nicely massive cocks that make me want to cum in my pants the second I see them sucking each other's dicks. They work them with their mouths only, no hands at first, and then it just keeps getting hotter and hotter until everyone is covered in cum and completely out of breath.

Karate Guys Getting Nasty After Meet

Duration: 22m, 46s, Starring Chad Phillips, Jacob Ridley, Michael Brandon

(1 Vote)

This trio of hotness were at a Karate tournament and they kicked ass, literally. Once they headed back to the hotel room, they were after a different sort of ass. Michael Brandon, Jacob Ridley, and Chad Phillips all love the cock, so they don't even take off their uniforms before they are launching themselves at each other's dicks. Two of them are working one cock, and then they end up all getting a nice piece of ass at the end of the scene. If ou love muscled and toned dudes you are going to love this shit.

Kung Fu Gay Guys Fuck on the Mat

Duration: 11m, 52s, Starring Anthony Shaw, Ben Campezi, Bobby Golden, Ethan Richards, Michael Brandon

(2 Votes)

Now this is not what I was expecting when this scene first started - Ben Campezi looks up at Michael Brandon, wanting to almost eat him with his eyes as he looks up from the mat. He start sucking him right through his pants, but then yanks them down to get at that juicy goodness. Ethan Richards, Bobby Golden, and Anthony Shaw all end up in the dojo, just getting their cocks out and going to town. I don't know where this place is, but I definitely want to learn some fucking kung fu there. It's way too hot.

Bizarre Gay Sex Scene in Dojo

Duration: 13m, 4s, Starring Anthony Shaw, Ben Campezi, Bobby Golden, Ethan Richards, Michael Brandon

(2 Votes)

Ben Campezi, Michael Brandon, Ethan Richards, Bobby Golden, and Anthony Shaw all have those really tight, muscled bodies that I lust after in gay men. You know their asses are tight as hell, and with all that muscle they can probably go for fucking hours. Now I don't know about you, but that's one of the hottest settings I think I've ever seen. There is just fucking in every corner, with a threesome in the middle and dick sucking off to the side. I think all of the guys end up fucking at some point, however.

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