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West Coast Meat Rack

Poor Guy Ass Banged In His Prison Cell

Duration: 14m, Starring Anthony Colt, Chris Mckenzie

(1 Vote)

It's an innocent guy's first night in prison, and he is dreading meeting his cellmate. When it's lockup time, things are even worse than he thought - his new cellmate is a tattooed and nasty looking gang member! The gang member pushes the new guy up against the wall, threatening him and telling him that he had better suck his cock, or else! What else is the vulnerable guy to do but suck on the gangster's shaft? Things get worse, however, as the guy gets bent over and pushed up against the wall while the gangster starts to finger his ass hole. The straight guy is crying as his ass hole gets stretched out for the very first time.

Muscular Gay Men with Hot Morning Fuck

Duration: 15m, 46s, Starring Joe Stung

(1 Vote)

Did you ever want to put morning wood to good use? Joe Stung and his boyfriend certainly do. Joe has one of the hottest 6 packs I have ever seen in gay porn, so I'm going to say that I'm thrilled to see him in a hot gay hardcore scene. He gets a phone call that wakes the poor guy up, so he has to wake his boyfriend up. I just love seeing this guy getting his ass spread, although it does take a pretty long time to get to this point. His boyfriend is a total twink so there's a lot of kissing and rubbing and caressing involved in this that leaves them both breathless and horny as fuck.

Cute Gay Amateurs Taking Hard Dick

Duration: 20m, 7s, Starring Rod Garetto

(Not Rated)

It looks like these two guys might just be first time gays - Rod Garetto and his friend start off with a quick interview on camera, but they quickly get to the action. There is a lot of kissing and caressing, and it's unlike any gay porn I've seen before. There is a ton of passion in this scene, with lots of cock gobbling and hard ass pounding. I just love watching them take a big dick in their asses - you can see them trying not to cum right there and then, and sometimes they don't even manage to hold it until they're supposed to.

Hot and Wild Gay Amateur Sex Scene

Duration: 19m, 55s, Starring Chaz Carlton, Patrick Ives

(1 Vote)

Patrick Ives gets himself nice and relaxed with a bit of chamomile tea. He has Chaz Carlton with him, who just so happens to be this muscular hot little number that I would fuck all day long myself. Chaz starts things off by nearly getting his face fucked by Patrick, who has a rather impressive large dick. Then they get to the ass pounding, and it turns out that both of their asses are way tighter than you would imagine. I would love to take full advantage of either one of these two.

Hot 20 Something Gay Amateurs in Action

Duration: 14m, 43s, Starring Karl Radford

(Not Rated)

Karl Radford and his friend have to be 20ish, and they are filled out enough that they aren't twinks which is nice to see. They start off by doing some work on the room they're in, but soon enough things move from the work to working some dick. They go down to the basement and just start going at it with each other, starting off with a dick sucking but going on quite a bit further than that. You just have to see how sexy these guys are, with one extreme ass pounding that will have you not sitting right for the rest of the day.

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