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A Couple Of Gay Cowboys Get Freaky

Duration: 23m, 50s, Starring Allan Parkers, Austin Rogers, Mario McCabe, Paolo Ramatti, Vincent Lombardo

(Not Rated)

Mario McCabe and Austin Rogers were in a bar out on the open range. They were both turned on and horny from being out on the range for so long alone. They started kissing and taking each other's clothes off. As Mario went to his knees and sucked Austin Allan Parkers, Paolo Ramatti and Vincent Lombardo had a drink and watched. The guys traded blowjobs until Austin was rock hard then he pulled Mario down on his hard dick. He fucked him deep and hard, bending him over and slamming him into next week before pulling out and going cock to cock so they could cum together.

Hardcore Gay Action In An Old West Jail

Duration: 31m, 25s, Starring Daniel Lautrec, David Wood, Jiri Kosztakov, Lazzaro Ramirez, Marco Sanchez

(Not Rated)

While David Wood and Marco Sanchez were out at the bar having a drink Daniel Lautrec went to the jail and told Lazzaro Ramirez that he would let him out of jail if he sucked his cock. Lazzaro went to his knees and opened wide so he could swallow Daniel's dick down his throat. Daniel fucked Lazzaro's throat until he was raging hard then he pulled Lazzaro out of the cell, bent him over and butt fucked him right there in the sheriff's office. He plowed that ass until he was worn out then came all over him and let him go free. That is how they do in the west.

Gay Cowboys Getting Down On The Ranch

Duration: 21m, 1s, Starring Austin Rogers, Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Jiri Kosztakov, Mario McCabe

(Not Rated)

Austin Rogers and Jiri Kosztakov were busy sucking and fucking in the bar when Daniel Lautrec and Mario McCabe hooked up in the bunk house. They traded blowjobs and got each other rock hard. Once Mario had his cock coated with spit he pulled Daniel down on him and sank that hard dick balls deep into his tight ass. Daniel bounced on that cock and ground himself into him. He poked that prostate and massaged it with his hard dick until they were both ready to cum so he pulled out and dropped his load into Daniel's wet and ready mouth.

A Group Of Cowboys Take Turns Sucking Each Other Off

Duration: 17m, 25s, Starring Austin Rogers, Daniel Lautrec, Jean Lautrec, Marco Sanchez, Mario McCabe

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Daniel Lautrec, Mario McCabe, Austin Rogers and Mario Sanchez came into the bar after a long day out working on the ranch. The guys had a drink then things got a little crazy and the guys started to kiss. The clothes came off and dicks found their ways into mouths. The guys all swapped blowjobs then paired off and got into the real hard stuff. The guys fucked each other then swapped partners and fucked other guys. They were fucking and sucking all over the bar. The guys were so horny they fuck themselves silly then all came together in one big climax.

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