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Laszlo Kaster Kissing on Tristan

Duration: 17m, 26s, Starring Laszlo Kaster, Tristan Michales

(Not Rated)

Laszlo Kaster has been all about getting himself hot and bothered on Tristan Michales, and when he gets the chance he is going to be wrapping around that dick instantly. He just loves working himself up and down that dick, feeling it getting harder and harder by the second. It's going to blow all over the place when he finally works Tristan to an orgasm, but that's not going to stop Laszlo from continuing to suck and slurp his way in to some fun. Before long he is getting that cock shoved deep inside of him, feeling it split his ass in two.

Fernando Montoya Loves to Mess with Dick

Duration: 17m, 27s, Starring Butch Love, Fernando Montoya

(Not Rated)

Fernando Montoya is a gay man who cannot get enough of cock sucking. It's not a good day until he gets to wrap his mouth around a dick and slide himself all the way down it. Today he gets to play with Butch Love, making him a very happy guy indeed. He grabs that dick and starts working it all over, letting his hands trace up and down it as he gets his friend hard as a rock. Then he gets his head grabbed and pulled in, letting that cock hit the back of his throat. Before long he has exactly what he and Butch wanted.

Sexy Men Enjoy Exploring Fetish Side

Duration: 14m, 1s, Starring Adam Wolfe, Ian Idol, Triton Rivers

(5 Votes)

There's nothing hotter than some 20 something guys getting themselves all hot, bothered and ready for fun. Adam Wolfe and Triton Rivers start things off, but you also get to see Ian Idol. The best part is when Triton is about to take a face full of cum, with that strong man straddling him and getting ready to bust a nut right in his boyfriend's face. He jacks off as hard as he can, getting ready to spray that cum all over the place and leave the room far stickier than it was when they came in the place.

Kirk Cameron and Tripp Winters Fucking

Duration: 21m, 47s, Starring Kirk Cameron, Tripp Winters

(1 Vote)

Kirk Cameron and Tripp Winters are about the hottest gay men that you're ever going to get to see, and these boys next door are getting their fill of all of the cock that they could want. They wrap their lips right around those dicks, working themselves up and down each others' poles as they strive to get the maximum hardness possible. Their asses are spread and waiting for a long, stiff dick that takes them to pleasure beyond that that they have ever had before. When they explode with cum, you're going to know it because the room will fill up.

Cute Amateur Guys in Gay Foursome

Duration: 7m, 40s, Starring Billy Razor, Paul Preston, Troy Fox

(Not Rated)

It's always hot to see the amateur and inexperienced gay men finally coming in to their own with their sexuality. Paul Preston and Troy Fox are guiding Billy Razor and his friend in to a fulfilling foursome that has every last type of action that they've been wanting to try out. They're getting their ass pounding fun on as they make their way around this room. It seems like they're intent on covering it with their cum, letting that sticky stuff get everything completely covered as they get ready for an explosion.

Four Hunky Guys Explore Their Sexuality

Duration: 20m, 51s, Starring Andrew Blaze, Johnny Justice, Triton Rivers, Tully

(1 Vote)

The only thing that's hotter than a hardcore session with two of the hunkiest guys around is when they invite two more friends to come on over and enjoy the party. These men are all over each other, making sure that they're going to be getting more and more worked up with their hard dicks and willingness to try every position possible. They love to fuck on every surface in the room, so they're going to be filling things up with their cum. Tully, Triton Rivers, Johnny Justice and Andrew Blaze are sure to keep things hot and horny.

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